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Oran Dementia Care ensures the highest level of safety and attention during Dementia Respite in Scotland.


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Living with Dementia EFFECT ON PERSON AND FAMILY A dementia diagnosis can be difficult to deal with and there can be some fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Many changes will occur over time with increasing memory loss, mood changes and communication problems. It is important to remember that by taking the relevant steps, you can greatly improve the quality of life of the person with dementia and your family in the coming years.

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HOW THIS CAN BE DEALT WITH AND IMPROVED It is important to promote a healthy and meaningful life approach when dealing with dementia at every stage. This includes making sure the person is physically well, eats well, has the opportunity to engage socially and has purpose in their life. The deployment of interactive calendars and other tools can also allow people with dementia to understand and remain connected to the world around them.

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HOW ORAN CAN HELP WITH THAT Oran’s highly trained dementia care team can support you and your family at every stage in this process. For some people, this may mean a full time carer who acts as the key caregiver in the process. For others, this may mean additional support for an hour or so each day when it’s most needed. A comprehensives assessment of a client’s abilities and background will ensure we provide care that is tailored to our client’s needs.   To find out more about our dementia care services fife , call us on 01592742144 or email . One of our care advisors will arrange to come to your home and discuss which of our services may be right for you . Or visit : http://

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