Chemical Splash Safety Goggles, Splash Proof Chemical Goggles

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Safety Goggles : Chemical Splash Goggles helps reduce exposure to a variety of eye hazards. Make an Enquiry and Get the Chemical Splash Protection Glasses Today from Optica!


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Chemical Splash Safety Goggles:

Chemical Splash Safety Goggles


Chemical Splash Goggles helps reduce exposure to a variety of eye hazards. If you are in need of Chemical Splash Safety Goggles / Splash Proof Chemical Goggle, then you are at the right place. Make an Enquiry and Get the Chemical Splash Protection Glasses Today from Optica !  (chemical splash, chemical splash goggles, chemical safety goggles, chemical splash safety goggles, chemical splash protection, splash proof chemical goggles, chemical splash glasses ) Key Features • Suitable for Laboratory, Doctors, Hospital, Operation Theatre, Industrial Production Construction Sites & Cycling. • Prevent Wind & Sand. • Designed to Protect Eye Injuries through Flying Particles, Droplets & Chemical Splashes. • Can Fit Over any Prescription Lens. • Optical Grade Polycarbonate Lens. • Adjustable and Comfortable Special Made Elastic Strap. • Medical Grade Material. • Shatter Proof. • Built-in Ventilation for Reduced Fogging. • 99.9% UV Protected

Product Specifications :

Product Specifications • Brand Name & Model: i-Suraksha Diyan – Chemical Splash Safety Goggles • Lens Material: Optical Grade Polycarbonate • Manufacturer: Optics & Allied Engineering Pvt Ltd • Color: Clear


With superior comfort, fit, field of view and a modern ergonomic design, these goggles offer a high-level of protection, making them ideal for use in extreme conditions against hazards such as liquid droplets, gases and dust. Fits over most prescription eyewear. Indirect-venting system designed to circulate air and help minimize fogging while keeping liquids out. Polycarbonate lens absorbs 99.9% UV. Meets the High Impact Requirements. • These Safety Goggles are adjustable and are light in weight • The goggles have an attractive design and are durable • The stylish safety goggles are available in Transparent colour • These safety glasses are available in a standard packing • Wide-Vision Lab Safety Goggle, Eye Protection for Classroom Lab, Home, and Workplace Safety


• i-Suraksha Diyan Chemical Splash Safety Goggles and Impact Resistant Goggle Clear Anti-Fog/Anti-Scratch Coating Protective Eyewear • Polycarbonate lens: clear lens, good visual effect, splash-proof, effective UV blocking • Soft edge design: the frame is made of lightweight PVC, soft and bendable, comfortable to wear, no pressure feeling • Adjustable head belt: The elastic band design to facilitate the fastening of the head circumference. It has wide space and it’s suitable for various head circumferences. We are manufacturing and supplying Covid 19 Safety Products:  Covid 19 Safety Products ,  Opto -Scan IR Thermometer ,  i-Suraksha Diyan Chemical Splash Safety Goggles ,  i-Suraksha Ahan Polycarbonate Anti Fog Safety Goggles ,  Mukh Raksha Face Shield ,  Raksha Chakra Pristine UVC Room Sterilization Lamp ,  UVC Sterilizing Light  and  UVC Sterilizing Oven . Get a Quick Quote now!

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