‘P’ delivers to ‘Q’, a carrier, some explosives without informing the

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Business Law :

Business Law


B usiness Law   1 . ‘A’ orders a phone online as Cash on Delivery mode, but denies to accept the product at the time of delivery. In such a situation, discuss the eligibility points of becoming an Unpaid Seller? Discuss the privileges of unpaid seller when the property in goods is transferred to the buyer. (10 Marks)   2. A booked a flat in Sunpark Apartment at Mumbai. ‘A’ is ready to shift with his family in the flat which he has purchased. However, B has the possession of that flat where he specifies that he has purchased this flat. To avoid the dispute and conflicts, ‘A’ files an RTI to seek proper information. Explain the objective as well as structures involved in Right to information. (10 Marks)


3. A) ‘X’ contracts with ‘Y’ to purchase 30 chairs of a particular brand called make and type. ‘Y’ delivers 15 chairs of that quality and 15 chairs of some other make and quality brand . In what way we can advice ‘X’. (5 Marks)   3. B) ‘P’ delivers to ‘Q’, a carrier, some explosives without informing the same to ‘Q’. no additional care is taken by ‘Q’ for handling such goods. In the absence of the disclosure, the explosives explode and cause damage to the other goods and also injure a person. Whether ‘P’ is liable? (5 Marks)


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