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Today, cloud computing technologies are gaining importance now a days, the IT professionals are required to upskill with OpenStack Training. In IIHT OpenStack certification opens wide opportunities for tech professionals in the industry. The industry is facing a huge crunch of professionals, so time is ripe to take up OpenStack courses and become a certified professional.


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What is OpenStack?:

What is OpenStack?


OpenStack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), whereby virtual servers and other resources are made available to customers. OpenStack is a collection of open source software modules that provides a framework to create and manage both public cloud and private cloud infrastructure. OpenStack is open source software for creating private and public clouds, built and disseminated by a large and democratic community of developers, in collaboration with users. Meaning of OpenStack


OpenStack enables rapid innovation OpenStack cuts down time-to-market OpenStack boosts scalability and resource utilization OpenStack eases regulatory compliance OpenStack provides strong Security features OpenStack provides better Orcastration Benefits of OpenStack


OpenStack OpenStack Process


Introduction to Virtualization, Cloud and OpenStack Keystone and Glance (OpenStack Authentication System and Image Service) Nova and Cinder (OpenStack Computer and Block storage) Neutron (OpenStack Network Service) Swift (OpenStack Object Storage Service) Horizon (OpenStack Dashboard Service) Heat (OpenStack Orchestration Service) What you will Learn in IIHT


IIHT is the pioneer in providing Big data training technologies. The students will be exposed to the unique live Interactive sessions where the students will be given access to the IIHT’s highly acclaimed learning management system, where they will be working on real-time projects for better hands-on experience in a simulated platform the first of its kind. Blended Learning module of IIHT E Learning


IIHT is a leading IT talent transformation company and a technology evangelist in the retail and enterprise space. Having dedicated over two decades in creating learning paths for freshers and professionals that are closely aligned with the demands of the IT industry, IIHT has truly been a pioneer in technology training. At IIHT, we recognize the requirements of the IT industry and work towards tackling challenges that prevent the growth of both the enterprise and its workforce. All of IIHT’s courses are well designed, adopting a convenient and thorough stack approach for IT job aspirants who need training to be job ready and for IT professionals waiting to progress in their careers. By adopting blended learning, a live and interactive virtual classrooms, IIHT’s reach has now gone even beyond borders. About IIHT


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