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The goal of open data science is to bring together and cultivate the global science community to help foster the exchange of innovative ideas and encourage the growth of open software. Here You can post data science related blog and can also do related job post . You can give your data science learning talk at one of our event and You can also contribute for more.


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Open Data Science Innovation Center :

Open Data Science Innovation Center

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Table Of Content Introduction Who We are ? Services Classrooms Facilities Why Us ? Contact

Who We are ?:

Who We are ? Experts

Indruduction :

Indruduction Bringing Together the Best and Brightest Boston | New York | London | San Francisco | Tokyo Open Data Science (#ODSC) is essential for anyone who wants to connects to data science community and contribute to the open source application they use everyday. Open Data Science held conferences on regular basis , Our conferences attract to both audience as well as “NINJA” or decision influencer i.e the people who use and build analytic tool .

Services :

Services Conferences On various Location Boston | New York | London | San Francisco | Tokyo Topics We covers: 1. Machine Learning Data Science Data Visualization Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence Predictive Analytics Probabilistic Programming etc

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Facilities 1.Your ticket to ODSC East includes free lunch.  You will get vouchers to use at the foodcourt in the BCEC . 2. A networking reception is open to all ticket holders on Saturday from 5:30-7:30pm where there will be light fare and drinks, and time for socializing. 3. There will be morning and afternoon coffee breaks on both days to allow you to socialize with other attendees and meet with sponsors. 4. Saturday night from 9-11pm we’ll be throwing an afterparty sponsored by DataRobot – all drinks on us! etc

Why Attend ?:

Why Attend ? 1.Several of the best minds and biggest names in data science will be presenting talks and running workshops, tutorials, and trainings. 2. I can attend an incredibly affordable conference on the latest in data science right in Boston — a hotbed of data science activity. 3. I’ll be able to network with attendees from leading data science companies to learn how others are tackling similar problems 4. I’ll gain quality training and cutting-edge insights in the hottest data science topics, tools, and languages, like: Python R ,Julia ,Spark ,Data Visualization ,Predictive Analytics ,Machine Learning ,Text Analytics

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