How to Hire a Bicycle using London Cycle Hire Scheme

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Bikes in London is a popular mode of transport and leisure activity within the capital city of the United Kingdom. London Cycle Hire scheme is a great and Inexpensive way to get around London. Get connected with On Your Bike for cycle hire at on affordable prices this is a most popular and oldest cycle shop in London. Visit us at


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It is no longer secret that London’s public transport is famous across the World. However riding On Your Bike is full of fun as it isn’t only a fantastic way to explore the sight landmark and attractions of the city but also the cheapest mode of transport in London to reach from one place to another.

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In order to rent a bicycle you must visit On Your Bike Holdings Ltd. Which is London’s oldest and most reliable family owned bicycle store in London that has over 300 quality bicycles for short and rental period Our bikes can be picked and doped at our London store which is right on the London Bridge and is the most convenient location to find.

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When it comes to the pricing every cycle hire company in London has the different pricing structure. However when booking a bicycle from On Your Bike you can be sure that you have been given the lowest bike hire prices for best quality bikes in London. Select from our Hybrid Bike Deluxe Hybrid and Super Deluxe Hybrid bikes that start from just £18 a day with a free helmet and bike lock.

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If you are new to the city and unsure where to ride the cycle or how to explore the best places you do not need to worry. With your bike hire we also provide a city map and guide you the best places to visit to have some quality time while you are riding On Yer Bike.

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To get more details about cycle hire scheme or how you can save a lot of money on your next bicycle hire visit us at

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