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A look at Golden Plains Community Hospital's new building and facility


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100 Medical Drive Borger, TX 79007 (806) 467-5700

Golden Plains Community Hospital:

Golden Plains Community Hospital Has been in operation since 1939 at 200 South McGee October 2011 we moved to 100 Medical Drive Equipped the Hospital with State of the Art equipment Built to be as energy efficient as possible High Efficiency lighting Energy Efficient heating and air Run off water pond 5000 Gallon Cistern to retain water run off

Emergency Room :

Emergency Room Expanded from 4 rooms to 6 Much larger Trauma room Designated Pediatric Room

Heli Pad:

Heli Pad LifeStar can conveniently land next to the Hospital, instead of an alternate sight and having ambulance transport.

Operating Room:

Operating Room Digital Imaging Laminar Air Flow Curtain LED High Efficiency Lighting

Med Surge & ICU:

Med Surge & ICU 3 bed ICU 16 Bed Med/Surge Full size restrooms in each room, with walk in showers.

Women’s Center :

Women’s Center

LDPR Rooms:

LDPR Rooms Built for comfort for new Mom Baby can stay with Mom Murphy Bed installed in each room for significant other Mom stays in the room the entire time (except for C-sections) Doctor has access to everything he needs State of the art Security for the Mom and Baby


Radiology Full Service Department Toshiba Aquilion 64 Slice CT Scanner Digital Mammography Bone Density X-Ray Dual Head Nuclear Camera The Golden Plains Community Hospital Radiology Department has all new state of the art equipment available, with patient care and accuracy being the number one goal.

Toshiba Aquilion 64 Slice CT Scanner:

Toshiba Aquilion 64 Slice CT Scanner 64 Slice CT Scanner delivering State of the Art Image Quality Quick Image Acquisition Minimal Radiation & Dosage Tracking Three Dimensional Imaging

Digital Mammography:

Digital Mammography State of the art digital equipment Very little wait time Cushion Padding for maximum comfort

Bone Density:

Bone Density Have your Bone Density tested after your mammogram, conveniently located down the hall.

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X-ray - completely digital, for all exams including fluoroscopy. CT- new 64 slice machine with a cardiac package to visualize the heart. Mammo- new digital Hologic machine, for yearly evaluations and follow ups. Bone Density- conveniently located at our hospital MRI- done in the DMG 18-wheeler, they are here 2days a week. Future plans of having in-house equipment. Nuclear Medicine - locates impaired functioning areas in the body. New dual head camera.



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The Rehabilitation Center at Golden Plains Community Hospital offers rehabilitation services to patients in the hospital, through home health, or on an outpatient basis. Experienced licensed occupational, physical and speech therapists are committed to helping the patient achieve the highest possible level of performance and function

Rehabilitation Diagnoses:

Rehabilitation Diagnoses Our rehabilitation center can work with most diagnoses including, but not limited to: Neurological Orthopedic Limitations due to … CVA Arthritis Heart Attack ICH Amputations Cancer Parkinson’s Post-operative Deconditioning MS Hand therapy Work –related injuries: Guillain-Barre Joint pain Low back injury Vision problems Muscle/tendon Repetitive stress Swallowing problems Wound care Cognitive problems Pediatric orthopedics Our rehabilitation center uses a wide array of therapeutic tools, such as: Traction Iontophoresis Electrotherapy Fluidotherapy Ultrasound TENS HVGS Aquatic Therapy

Massage Therapy:

Massage Therapy An in-house medical massage therapist is available by appointment. Therapies Available Medical Therapeutic Myo Fascial Pre & Post Natal Cranial Sacral Neuro/Manual Lymphatic Accu Pressure


Dining Full service dining experience for staff, patients and open to the public. Open for Breakfast and lunch five days a week.

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