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The trend of serviced offices in Mayfair is increasing big time. There are a lot of serviced offices in London and if you are looking out for the best office space in London, without checking out anywhere else, you can straight away go and visit the Only Offices Ltd.


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Myths of serviced offices Do you know famous are the serviced offices in Mayfair Do you know their importance Do you know their benefits over the traditional offices Do you want to know about the misconceptions about it Do you want to know the respective facts as well If all the replies are affirmative you are undoubtedly in the right place at the right time. The trend of setting up the business in the London serviced offices is increasing big time. Most people have realised its importance as they are aware of their benefits. People have started buying them and establishing their business. However there are also a lot of people who are against it and they prefer the traditional work place. They have got some misconceptions regarding serviced offices when it comes to the office space in London. If you are interested in knowing about these misconceptions you are going to love this article as it describes some of the most commonly known myths of serviced offices and their respective facts. So let us take a look at some of the most important myths for the same... 1. They are expensive: This is absolutely false as it is cheaper than the traditional offices. You need not pay for the kitchens meeting rooms and extra space like corridors as you have to pay the rent according to the per work station and not the per square feet. Also you save the money used for transportation telephone lines and internet. 2. They are good only for start ups: It is a perfect choice not only for the start ups but for all the experienced companies as well who want to get rid of the responsibilities that one has got in the office of his own. 3. They are good option just for short term plans: This is untrue as it is a good option for the long term plans as well. 4. You have to pay for extra things that you never use: This is so not true as you have to pay for the things only as and when you use it otherwise you need not pay for it. 5. They are not secure: Not being secured is one of the most commonly known misconceptions and this is absolutely false. The serviced offices are absolutely safe. 6. It is difficult and time consuming to move there: This is no where correct as it is really easy to move in quickly with the minimum efforts as everything inside the office is already ready. All you have to do is bring in your own luggage the furniture and the rest will be all already set up. 7. It can be used only during the day time: No they can be kept open 247 and you can work whenever you want anytime of the day and night. 8. They look unprofessional: There is no way you look unprofessional in the serviced office. 9. It is not allowed to put logo or brand: Of course you can fix up the boards of your log which are easy to fit and remove.

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Now that you know are aware of all the misconceptions that people have got regarding the serviced offices and their respective facts it is advisable for you to spread the awareness among people so that they choose the serviced workplace over the traditional ones. Good luck for that Address: Only Offices Ltd 207 Regent street London. W1B 3HH

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