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Audio mixing and mastering are the most important jobs of audio production. Read her about the leading studio in London that offers high-quality mixing and mastering services at affordable rates.


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I N T R O D U C T I O N Whenever we listen to a romantic track it makes us sentimental a hard rock song makes us head banging. Our legs start moving with the beats of a peppy track. But we play small attention in the creating process of a track. A professional mastering engineer works on every individual track for polishing and shining each element of the track. The post audio production job is a process of tuning all the elements of a track so that user gets a high-quality final product.

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T H E L E A D I N G O N L I N E M A S T E R I N G S T U D I O I N L O N D O N The process of mastering a song includes optimizing tracks for different output devices and making it ready for the final distribution. Red Mastering Studio is the leading service provider in London that offers professional audio mastering services.

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W I D E R A N G E O F S E R V I C E S After recording all the instruments and vocal parts of a song there comes the role of two important jobs of audio production- mixing and mastering. And the company offers both the services.

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It is a method of taking multi-tracks and combining it into a single track. The most important part of audio mixing is adjusting the level of all the instruments and vocals. However the process also includes: 1. Stereo Panning 2. EQing 3. Automation 4. And Effects A professional can mix a track either in stereo mono or in surround sound. Mixing is a vital part of a post audio production job. The quality of your mixing can also affect the mastering process. O N L I N E M I X I N G

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O N L I N E M A S T E R I N G After mastering your audio file you will get a good track. But there is a difference between a good track and professional track. The professional audio mastering engineers will help you to take the mix on the next level. The company offers different types of mastering services. 1. CD Mastering: This is a process of preparing all the songs of an album for a CD release. The purpose of CD mastering is enhancing the overall level sound of all the songs featured in the album. 2. Stem Mastering: Stem mastering enhances the sonic result of a song and increases the depth and dimension. 3. Mastering for iTunes: A producer needs audio files in a special form for submitting it to the iTunes. The professional engineers of Red Mastering Studio can help you to meet the requirement for iTunes submission.

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W h y R e d M a s t e r i n g i s t h e T o p - N o t c h M i x i n g a n d M a s t e r i n g S e r v i c e P r o v i d e r The Red Mastering Studio is the one- stop solution for professional artists and producers. The company offers all the different types of mastering services at affordable prices. Producers can also work directly with their audio engineers for mastering music online. Their engineers are experienced and skilled enough to handle different types of music genres.

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C O N T A C T U S 122A Thurlow Park Road London SE21 8HP United Kingdom +44 0 207 193 3307 filipredmastering.co.uk o n l i n e m a s t e r i n g . o r g . u k

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