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Mastering and mixing are two important parts of audio engineering. Here, in this PPT, you will come across 7 original steps for mastering the tracks.


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Get Exceptional Online Audio Mastering Services in London Red Mastering Studio


Are you looking for professional audio mastering services; you have come to the best place. Red Mastering studio offers high-class mixing and mastering services that includes mastering dance music, hip-hop, pop, rock, dubstep mastering, funk music, reggae, indie, mastering house and much more . We also work with other music genres. If you are looking for an experienced mastering engineer, you do not require the further search. Filip Pietrzykowski is a full-time mastering engineer who is working in this studio for many years.


A Brief Note on the Red Mastering Studio The mixing and mastering room is designed to have the perfect listening environment for professional mastering music. This studio is made after doing research for many years. The quality of the mastering and mixing room is enhanced for best results. The room has gone through exceptional auditory treatment that results in clear and precise sound.


Here are 7 Original Steps for Mastering a Song-


Prepare the Song for Mastering First, you have to export the mix session to the stereo or uncompressed file. You can use the .wav or the.aiff Use minimum 24 bit 44.1 kHz. The ideal is 24 bit 96kHz. Create a new session for mastering and import the final mix. Be sure mastering session that you make match the sample. Import 2 at least commercial reference tracks to mastering session .


Fixing the Problems of Tracks Compare the track with commercial references and listen to the sound clearly to identify the problems . Use the spectrum analyzer to find out the problems related to frequency .


Enhance the Quality of Sound for Final Mastering Make experiments with EQ, harmonic exciters, stereo wideners and analogue emulation plugins to hear the sound . Try using some tape or valve emulation plugin or the bass enhancer.


Compress the Track Try to use a compressor to improve the quality of sound. Use the low ratio to avoid excessive compression. Aim to compress the track up to 4dB . Use multi-band compressors to compress various frequency ranges .


Clip the Audio to Get Maximum Loudness Increase the Overall Level of Track without Clipping If you need loud sound, go for the soft clipping. If you are not having the rich source, try to use plugins . Use the “bring-wall limiter” to bring the track to good level. A limiter is used to increase the overall level of track without clipping . Use the Reference of the Track Listen to many mastering tracks to get the better idea. Listen to the tracks via the Bluetooth, boombox, Bluetooth speaker, large HIFI and other devices . Compare the track to reference tracks and listen Make adjustments when necessary .


Red Mastering Studio Ultimate Destination for Online Mastering So here you came to know today about the original steps of mastering in a piece of audio. Mixing and mastering services are not as easy as it generally seems. One required years of experience and skills to make a successful mastering job. Book a meeting today with best in class audio mastering Service provider, Red Mastering Studio and get professional services on CD Mastering, Stem-Mastering, MFiT and more.


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