5 DIY Kitchen Splashback Ideas That Are Inexpensive and Easy to Instal

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5 DIY Kitchen Splashback Ideas That Are Inexpensive and Easy to Install A full kitchen renovation can be costly and time-consuming. If one element of your kitchen that can spruce of the overall space and can be installed by yourself its the kitchen backsplash. These days kitchen splashbacks have become more of a statement piece. Do-It-Yourself DIY kitchen splashbacks are a great way to inject defnition and character to your kitchen without wasting too much money and time. DIY splashbacks such as aluminum kitchen wall panels tend to be easier to apply than the usual tile or glass. Here we have listed fve do-it-yourself kitchen backsplash ideas that are inexpensive and easy to install. 1. Vinyl Self-Stick Backsplash: Your average wallpaper will not withstand the regular cleaning and food splatter. Since vinyl self-stick splashback is humidity resistant it will hold up against regular scrubbing. This option is easy to apply and gives you a wide range of choice in terms of colour and design. From bold patterns to one big block of colour vinyl wallpaper can help you add some visual interest to your kitchen space. Installation is as easy as peel and stick. 2. Aluminum Kitchen Splashback: Aluminum splashback is the best alternative to glass acrylic and tile splashbacks. It can be easily cut bent folded and routed with your everyday shop tools such as circular saw and hand routing machine. It can be installed 3 times faster than your regular tile splashbacks. You can easily install aluminum based splashback using silicon or VHB double-sided tape. Read the DIY instructions given by your aluminum splashback supplier carefully and you are ready to install this DIY kitchen splashback. 3. Paint Your Existing Splashback: The easiest DIY kitchen backsplash project is to paint your existing splashback. No purchasing of heavy materials and no tear-out is involved. Whether you have ceramic tiles or glass splashback you can transform your outdated splashback area with your favourite colour. Paint the splashback with silicone epoxy paint to give your kitchen area a fresh bright new colour. 4. Laminate Flooring: Laminate fooring looks like wood but it is easy to install and inexpensive too. Using laminate wood fooring gives a modern look thats less costly than real wood. The laminate fooring is durable easy to clean and can be quickly cut to ft into your space. It is wipeable and waterproof as long as you properly caulk it at the bottom. 5. Faux-Brick Splashback: Faux-brick splashback is lightweight easy to install and can be attached with liquid nails. It is a great way to achieve a great looking kitchen area but without the mess and expense. The brick paneling can be cut to ft the backsplash space and the electrical outlets. You can make the faux-brick paneling to look more realistic by painting over it giving slightly distressed fnish. Get inspiration from these DIY kitchen splashback ideas and get ready to create an attractive backsplash in your kitchen. It is advisable that you choose DIY kitchen

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splashback that is safe hygienic requires low maintenance water resistant eco- friendly and most importantly fre rated to use behind all types of cooktops. Easy to install and inexpensive splashback ideas are great when you want to save money on your kitchen renovation project but do also consider about safety while purchasing and installing new splashback.

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