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Learn how to integrate PayPal into your political campaign website for donations and fundraising. Online Candidate makes it easy for candidates and organizations to start an online presence.


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Political Fundraising With PayPal A free guide from OnlineCandidate.com

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Political Fundraising with PayPal Incorporating PayPal into your campaign fundraising program isn’t difficult and the overall expenses are low. Donors make contributions on PayPal’s secure pages and PayPal stores all sensitive payment data so you don’t have to worry about data breach or PCI compliance. Once an account is created campaigns can generate donation buttons and links. To enable donors to contribute to your campaign or PAC on a regular schedule you can implement PayPal recurring donations by utilizing the Subscribe button. PayPal’s Custom Payment Pages feature gives you the ability to tailor PayPal’s payment pages to the style of your political organization’s website providing donors with a seamless payment experience. OnlineCandidate.com websites are designed to easily integrate with PayPal and other online payment systems. Here are the basic steps for accepting campaign contributions through PayPal: 1 Sign up for a PayPal Business Account. a. Select Nonprofit as the business type b. Select Political as the subcategory 2 Confirm that your political campaign account is a nonprofit. You will need to submit a tax letter from the IRS and a bank statement or voided check in the name of your organization along with your PayPal email account and contact details to compliancepaypal.com. 3 Add a Donate button to your campaign’s website. Use the button designer on PayPal.com to create your button then simply copy and paste the resulting code into your site. Be sure to open your account early as there’s some verification to complete before your account can be set up. Note that your organization will be responsible for gathering donor information such as employer and occupation and obtaining permission from donors before sending future marketing outreach.

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Additional Resources: • PayPal Frequently Asked Questions

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Is PayPal Right For You There are a number of pros to using PayPal – It’s a well-known platform it can be simple to set up and the fees are quite low for a payment processor. Now you can even take offline donations through a mobile phone. However there are a few negatives to using PayPal for fundraising. There is no information capture: While PayPal captures payment information it does not by default allow you to collect all the required information that a campaign requires. This can include employer information profession age testimonials and so on. To get around this you must create your own form to gather this information from the donor before sending them to PayPal. See below for details on Online Candidates built-in customizable PayPal form. There are no tools: There are no social media widgets buttons or tracking with PayPal. Many other donation systems have these tools. While other systems may charge a higher transaction percentage leveraging their built-in tools can help you bring in more money overall. There is no recurring payment option sort of: You can set up a recurring payment button to take say monthly or quarterly donations. You can even set the number of times that a recurring payment is transacted. Some other payment systems allow you to automatically stop after a set date like Election Day. They also make it easier for a donor to get into that ‘recurring’ mode during the transaction. A lot of campaigns use PayPal successfully. It’s a no-frills payment option. But if you want more advanced online tools and easy reporting PayPal might not be right for you. Online Candidate websites allow for integration of different fundraising system. For more online tools including custom donation forms recurring donation options and better reporting we recommend Raise The Money. They get you set up fast and their system is very easy to use.

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Integrating PayPal Into Your Online Candidate Website PayPal itself does not collect much of the necessary donor information that a campaign may require. To make that process easier Online Candidate incorporates a two-step process. When a donation form is filled out and submitted on your site the basic donor information is collected in the Reports Section and you are emailed a copy of the form. When the donor has completed the transaction on PayPal they are returned to your website. Integrating PayPal into your donation form is easy. 1. In your Site Administration click Site Setup 2. Go to Section 3: Donation Form Options. Here you can modify all of your form options.

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3. To tie in your PayPal account to the form simply enter the email address used to create the Paypal account into the PayPay Address field. 4. Save the settings 5. Then Regenerate your site and you are all set. Thats it Now when someone fills out your donation form they will be automatically taken to your PayPal account to complete the donation transaction. You will be emailed a copy of the donation form and you can access copies of the donation form in your Reports area under Tools and Widgets.

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Sample Campaign Fundraising Letter Below is a sample template for an initial fundraising appeal from a candidate to his or her friends or close acquaintances. For more letter templates download our Political Letter Templates ebook.

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Your Online Pitch To take online donations your campaign website will need a dedicated page. This donation page should have your "Donate Now" button to allow your donors to take action. Start your contribution page with a few short sentences about how and why a donors gift will make a difference. Theres no need to go into detail about your campaign and at no point should the donor be distracted with links to other organizations or information about other giving opportunities. Your contribute page should note any legal requirements that your campaign falls under such as:  No corporate funds may be used for a contribution.  That the donor be an American citizen or resident alien.  That the donor does not exceed the maximum legal contributions.  That the political contribution is not tax deductible. Also list an address where checks can be mailed and to what organization the contribution should be made out. Online donation tips • Include a donation button on every page of your website. The upper right area of a page is the most valuable call to action location. • For many donors their first online contribution may very well be to your campaign. They will expect your campaign to maintain high standards of privacy and security. Be sure that your site’s privacy policy reflects this. • Use clear language on your Donate or Give Now page. Make the call to action without ambiguity: No ‘please give’ or ‘support us’ kind of text. The same rule goes for your volunteer page as well. • Use messaging on your donate page to reinforce why they are donating. It can be whatever fits the request such as “For every 25 you give we can reach another hundred voters.”

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• A theme-based appeal explaining how a donation will be used is generally more effective than a generic appeal for funds. • In your mailings always state that online donations are accepted. People who might not take the time to write a check might be willing to make a quick donation online. This also works well in tandem with phone calls where callers mention that donations can be made through your campaign website. • Donors can be contacted repeatedly for additional contributions during a campaign. Many successful campaigns follow the “rule of three” where contributors are first asked to contribute early in the campaign once again in the middle and then finally again near the end. For more tips and useful strategies for running your online political campaign download our ebook Running for Office as an Online Candidate

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