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Talking further about the recent additions, the spokesperson adds, “We now offer free 20 GB on every device taking advantage of our online backup solutions. Clients of our associated IT resellers with multiple devices and computers can definitely take advantage of our new offers.


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Data recovery solution online backup :

Data recovery solution online backup

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City, State, Date – IT resellers and IT support businesses regularly receive concerns from their customers regarding data security. Most concerned among these customers are the business owners who have vast amounts of data files to be safeguarded against all possible threats. Online data storage or backup is a fast growing trend, offering many more advantages in addition to data security. collaborates with many technology support providers in the UK to offer rewarding backup solutions to the enterprise owners.

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The company has regularly improved its packages to constantly meet the growing requirements of the end users. Sharing information about their latest changes, the company’s representative says, “We have been successful in garnering attention and response from the IT resellers located across the UK. With the passage of time, we have added support for different technologies and servers like Microsoft, VMware, MAC and Hyper V among others. At the same time, we have reduced the overall package prices to let our partners serve small and medium businesses as well.”

Data solution provider:

Data solution provider

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Free local server mirror and reduced monthly costs are other highlights of our latest packages.” He also highlights the offer of 30-day free trial that the company offers to let the end customers evaluate and decide whether they wish to continue or not. The company boasts of promising high-level security not only for the file systems, but also for the databases and servers. Military-level encryption, data duplication, file versioning and adherence to data backup standards are among the key points that the spokesperson highlights.

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By partnering with IT sellers and not offering direct services to the end-users, the company claims to work in a better way. At the same time, it ensures that each partner receives full technical support without the need of spending heftily on hardware and software deployment. IT resellers from the UK can visit to learn in detail about the revised online backup solutions and prices.

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SC Group launched in 1999 in the UK owns, an online data backup solution provider to the IT support businesses. The company owns license from to meet data backup quality standards.

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