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One Stop Bedwetting gives answers for Stop Bedwetting in kids, youngsters and grown-ups. Visit our store for assortment of Bedwetting Diapers, waterproof sleeping pad cushions, vibrating watches and stain removers at low costs. Get boundless expert guidance, free delivering and read over 2,500+ five-star audits.


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Looking for an overactive bladder treatment in adults Visit One Stop Bedwetting for ways that help you relieve symptoms and keep your bladder relaxed.

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Have you been diagnosed with an overactive bladder Well there are many treatment options that can help you. Depending on the cause your doctor can suggest that treatment plan that treats your symptoms with minimum side effects. Lifestyle Choices Suggesting some lifestyle changes may be your doctor’s first step for an effective overactive bladder treatment. Some of the techniques that your doctor can suggest may include the following:

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Bladder Training Bladder Training technique trains the bladder to delay voiding. It involves teaching yourself to delay voiding when you feel the urge to urinate. Your doctor may ask you to start with a 5 to 10 minutes delay when the need arises and then gradually increase the delay time. Over a period of time this technique might help you in building a resistance toward the urgency that is associated with OAB.

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Bedwetting Alarm Overactive Bladder can be the main reason for nocturnal enuresis. Bedwetting alarms can help you stop or monitors the nighttime wetting problem. The alarm starts making loud sounds when the sensor detects the first drop of urine and thus the user wakes up to go to the bathroom to empty his/her bladder. Slowly it builds the brain bladder connection and the user gets up before wetting the bed. Bedside bedwetting alarms such as Chummie Pro bedwetting alarm Smart bedside bedwetting alarm and the Guardian bedwetting alarm are the right choice for teens and adult bedwetters.

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Overactive Bladder Treatment in Adults

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