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We are glad to assist you in developing your idea into mobile app using BLE. Let's make one App for your business. Thank you for your time. We hope you enjoyed our presentation.


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BLE APP O N E C L I C K Lets Glimpse At our Apps

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Our Experience in BLE APPs We always look for creative ideas to implement into awesome app" iPhone have reached to billions of people now its time to take your products and services to Billions of people via an iphone App integrated with beacon technology Mobile web apps are the future of beacon technologist. This is the most beautiful part of this elegant design: an app searching for a specific beacon is required IBEACONS Make one for your business

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Gimbal Gimbal enables the world’s leading enterprises to have unrivaled mobile engagement with their consumers -- in the real world. Estimote Beacons offer long-lasting battery life and great range and are usually put on walls tables shelves and other static objects Estimotes D i f f e r e n t b e a c o n s w e w o r k e d w i t h

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SenseGiz Star and Find beacons are our own product which we developed for the appplication those are used to find the lost things such as keys wallet any personal things. SenseGiz Star Find D i f f e r e n t b e a c o n s w e w o r k e d w i t h Kontakt empowers with the hardware software services and expertise needed to build beacon solutions of any scale in any industry.

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SENSEGIZ FIND APP App which helps to find lost things. We want to make travel more accessible to everyone Travel should be a luxury not a chore Travel itinerary should be able to be altered on the run with no logistical fuss. Jump online have fun book and bounce

slide 6: cube-tech-that-protects-security- familysecret_perk_tokenecb72a97/backers A P P U S E D T O U N L O C K S M A R T P H O N E Smart Armor application is used for smart phone or tablet to unlock track and monitor valuables at all times. Effortlessly gain access to protected materials through smart devices. We can also share revolve keys to others at the touch of a button. SMART ARMOR APP

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Walkpoints App App which help to have fun in shops The best and quick way of finding what youre looking for and earn points that can be redeemed for great rewards. use of Kontact beacon scanning.

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ABOUT ONE CLICK Who we are What are our Services We are an IT consultancy firm pioneering in Mobile Web application development SEO and Graphic Designing. We provide end to end solutions which is tailored specifically to business needs and we ensure our services are at the best in the interest of each other.

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We are glad to assist you in developing your idea into mobile app. "Lets make one App for your business" C O M P A N Y . C O M

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THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME. We hope you enjoyed our presentation.

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