Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness - Breast Cancer Treatment in Pune

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Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness:

Breast & Cervical Cancer Awareness DR. DIGVIJAY B. PATIL M.S. M.Ch . ( onco ) Consultant Onco surgeon Onco -Life Cancer Center

What is CANCER:

What is CANCER Normal body – multiple cells Birth – growth – function – death Under control Loss of control leads to cancer Uncontrolled multiplication of cells

Microscopic Appearance of Cancer Cells:

Microscopic Appearance of Cancer Cells

Cancer cause - Addiction:

Cancer cause - Addiction Tobacco Alcohol

Cancer cause - Diet:

Cancer cause - Diet Junk food Chinese food Tandoor food Food with preservatives Red meat

Lifestyle changes:

Lifestyle changes Obesity Lack of exercise Stress

Cancer cause - Environmental:

Cancer cause - Environmental

Cancer cause -Radiation:

Cancer cause -Radiation

Cancer FACTS OF India (NCRP & ICMR):

Cancer FACTS OF India (NCRP & ICMR) No. of Cancer patients – 50 lakhs New cases > 10 lakh/year An estimated 600 000–700 000 deaths in India were caused by cancer. 17% cases of world’s Cancer Cases are in India

Common cancers:

Common cancers Females Breast Cervix colorectal Ovarian Oral cavity Males Oral cavity Lung Stomach Prostate Large intestine

Breast cancer:

Breast cancer Common age group Above 40 yrs Max incidence 50 – 65 yrs

Increasing incidence of breast cancer:

Increasing incidence of breast cancer 1.5 lakh new cases / year 75000 deaths / year Urban area – 1 in 22 women Rural area -1 in 60 women

Risk factors for breast cancer:

Risk factors for breast cancer Getting older- >40 yrs Genetic mutations / family history -  Inherited changes (mutations) to certain genes, such as BRCA1 and BRCA2 Early menstrual period Late or no pregnancy Late menopause after age 55 Not being physically active - overweight or obese Using combination hormone therapy

Breast cancer screening:

Breast cancer screening Self breast examination Mammography Clinical breast examination

Treatment of Breast Carcinoma:

Treatment of Breast Carcinoma SURGERY – BCS Radiation therapy Chemotherapy Hormonal therapy Targeted therapy


Cervical cancer


Cervical cancer – It is a malignant tumor arising from cervix uteri which is the lower part of womb.

Other causes:

Other causes Smoking Poor hygiene HIV

Cervical Cancer Symptoms :

Cervical Cancer Symptoms Red or white discharge per vagina Bleeding after intercourse or pelvic examination Menstrual period that lasts long and heavier Bleeding after menopause Pelvic pain Back pain

Cervical cancer screening:

Cervical cancer screening Pap smear – routine screening for cervical abnormalities can detect early stage cancer and precancerous lesions HPV DNA test

Colposcopy and biopsy:

Colposcopy and biopsy

Cone biopsy:

Cone biopsy

Cancer prevention – say YES to Exercise:

Cancer prevention – say YES to Exercise

Cancer prevention – balanced diet:

Cancer prevention – balanced diet

Cancer prevention – Vaccination:

Cancer prevention – Vaccination

Thank you!!!:

Thank you!!!

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