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Om Wire and Wire Products Industries is the foremost Crash Barrier Manufacturers, Galvanized Crash Barrier Suppliers, Crash barriers exporters from West Bengal, India. Want to know more about us. Call +91-9830777188


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ROAD SAFETY WITH W BEAM HIGHWAY CRASH BARRIER SUPPLIERS What Do You Understand By W Beam Highway Crash Barriers W Beam Highway Crash Barrier Can is described as a road safety measure taken by installing the Broad W-shaped barriers on the roadside of highways. This is a metal barrier which when installed on roadside works as an effective collision preventer. The built of the barrier is made such that the colliding car faces the minimum impact and the curved end of the W beam gets distorted. Where are the Barriers Used The W Beam Highway Crash Barrier Supplier provide safety measures in places as below- 1. Alongside a bridge: These beams when installing on the bridge side act as guards against any kind of fall. This is very beneficial to prevent accidents from falling. 2. Parking areas: The barriers when installed prevent many hazardous situations like that of collision with any kind of poles ditches etc. These guard rails work as a line of demarcation between the safe and unsafe zone

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. Benefits Of Using W Beam Highway Crash Barriers: According to the ​W Beam Highway Crash Barrier Supplier ​ the built of these beams make them the ideal guard rail on road. These are meant to provide with optimal safety. The metal used for these beams make them highly durable and strong. Their main strength lie in their ends – the question marked end and flared end. They are the best way one can prevent any kind of human-caused hazard. W Beam Highway Crash Barrier Supply: The manufacturers make the beams with strong metals that are easy to flatten with the lateral energy of the colliding cars. The concept is to cause no damage to the car whereas the beam works as an impact absorber. It is the job of the suppliers and the manufacturers to check that all the raw materials being used for the W beam crash barriers are proper. This is a matter of road safety so they provide you with only the best quality product. Beams are available in different sizes for purchasing. Some are even available in galvanized forms. But ensure there should be a minimum galvanization of 550GSM. Contact Us ​Om Wire and Wire Products Industries Contact Number ​ ​ +91-9830777188 Website ​ - ​

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