Shuttering and Span are Essential Needs on a Construction Site

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Shuttering material is widely employed at the construction sites. These are basically the supporting framework on which all the construction structure is made. Om Wire & Wire Products Industries is highly appreciated in the international market as renowned shuttering materials manufacturers based in India.


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Shuttering and Span are Essential Needs on a Construction Site Construction site activities go on in a smooth way due to the presence of tools and devices that help the workers. These include shuttering material for pouring concrete and the adjustable span. Usually you carry the shuttering material from site to site. For this reason the builders always choose some light material for the shuttering. Different Formwork Used in Construction Formwork is another name for shuttering. This consists of temporary or permanent molds used for pouring concrete. The molds remain made out of wood or plywood though moisture resistant particleboard may also find use at times. When the labor cost is low this method has the preference when compared to procuring costly formwork. This is flexible and you can use it anywhere to suit any kind of structure. The Shuttering Materials Suppliers can tell you more about it. The next is the engineered formwork usually prefabricated steel frameworks that you carry out to the site and fix them as needed. You may also have timber or aluminum framework. These members remain screwed or clipped on together. It takes less time to assemble the formwork and more work gets done. Advantage of permanent shuttering The permanent insulated shuttering is sometimes preferred because the shuttering adds to the strength of the structure. We leave the formwork in place after we pour the concrete. It adheres to the surface and becomes one with the structure. The more popular plastic formwork is the re-usable plastic formwork. In this the plastic formwork gets removed after we pour the concrete. The panels are lightweight and give a smooth finish to the concrete. Modular shuttering is another well-used type in construction. Here we pre-design the formwork and make them to fixed lengths of 3 feet or 6 feet to one meter. The

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laborers set the formwork by hand and the beams and then pin or clip them together. Since the sections are small you can do the work without a crane. You also do not need any skilled labor and the speed of construction is good. You can remove the modules once the concrete is set and take them to the next site. Making floors and slabs with the adjustable span The adjustable span and prop find use in laying of concrete and giving support of floors and platforms. You find these made of adjustable steel tubes fixed together with carbon dioxide welding. The surface of the members will remain powder coated or as painted surface finished. They have screws on them to adjust the size of the members to the needed length. You can find out the details specific to your need from the Adjustable Span Manufacturers in Kolkata. We use galvanized members so they have an extra long life. These kinds of span help you install the construction members in a convenient way. It gives you durable structure that is easy to make. You use them to lay floors or make concrete slabs. You can use them as centering system that telescope on the construction site. You can design them to fulfill specific duties in various applications. The weight bearing capacity of the spans makes them ideal for all kinds of construction work. Contact Us Om Wire Wire Products Industries HITESH LUNIA 26/1/1b Strand Road 4th Floor Room No.6. Kolkata-700001 West Bengal India +91-33-22306008 +91-9830777188 / +91-9007817770 Website:

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