How Verificare processes OMR sheets in 5 simple steps


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Find the 5 simple steps you can design, print, scan and even evaluate OMR sheets using the advanced cutting edge technology of Verificare OMR software. For more information, visit @ To get the complete tutorial for using Verificare OMR Software, visit -


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How Verificare processes OMR sheets in 5 simple steps How to process OMR Sheet quickly Verificare is remarkable as OMR software that has been used and tested since many years to extract data out of OMR sheets survey forms assessments and evaluations.

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It is the one and only software that guarantees 100 accuracy is affordable and best tool for reading thousands of OMR sheets in few minutes. With Verificare the best OMR software you can pair any normal printer and scanner Flatbed/ADF/MFP to get the optimum results and get to data analysis without any hassle. Verificare is a customer-centric product that provides inbuilt designing tools reducing the efforts of user to create templates from any other designing software.

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1 st Step- Designing of sheets  While designing OMR sheets keep in mind what type of OMR sheet you want.  With Verificare you can design any type of OMR sheet using templates that are already available.  You can also create customize sheets from the very same templates creating a new sheet altogether.  Inbuilt designing tools are another sheet designing feature that helps you to create any type of OMR sheet.  Using Verificare OMR software you can design any type of sheet such as- Admission forms surveys student evaluation forms and any other type of complex OMR sheet.

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2 nd Step- Printing of OMR sheets Printing of OMR sheets with Verificare is simply a hassle free process-  You don’t have to depend on any special printer any printer can be used to print the sheets.  No dependency on any special paper with cutting marks.  Size of paper is no barrier as you can turn any normal A4 size legal paper into OMR form.  Can print 1D and 2D barcodes  It can even print double sided OMR sheets.

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3 rd Step- Scanning of OMR sheets For scanning the sheets all you need to do is to attach a scanner and pair it with the software. Then click on scan option and put the sheets on one end which will automatically slide out from the other end after being scanned.  Scanning of OMR sheets can be done using any normal flatbed scanner that will derive the same efficiency of a dedicated scanner.  With Verificare OMR sheet checker software any type of OMR sheet can be scanned irrespective of size design and paper type.  It can scan sheet at a high efficient speed scanning 300 sheets in a minute.

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4 th Step- Reading of sheets Once the scanning of sheets is over click on the read option that will automatically start reading the sheets.  Verificare OMR reader software can read unlimited number of sheet sets at once.  It can identify faulty files and re-read them separately to extract accurate data.  While reading the sheets it crops the desired areas such as image signature and roll no.  It can filter and sort the data according to the requirement and save the view to be used in future.  It can also read 1D and 2D barcodes that are printed on OMR sheets to assign every sheet with a unique identity.

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5 th Step- Result analysis and acquiring data Analyzing result with Verificare is a very easy task and is efficiently done using its various inbuilt features that only comes with some of the best OMR software.  Answer key option lets the user enter key for all the question sets. User can also specify wrong score right score and also bonus marking.  Partially marking feature helps the user in marking partial data in a way that scores can be assigned to every specific answer.  Then comes application of score in which the scores are finally calculated for every answer.  Data view feature lets the user see the data that has been created after filtering the data through various parameters. The user can save the view and then retrieve it any time in the future for reference.

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Conclusion “With these 5 simple steps you can design print scan and even evaluate OMR sheets using the advanced cutting edge technology of Verificare OMR software. “ For more information about Verificare OMR Software visit: Get complete tutorial for using Verificare OMR Software:

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