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Verificare from OMRHome is the most widely accepted and used OMR Software, If in case you are looking for the best OMR Solutions you can log on to


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Best OMR Software – Verificare:

Best OMR Software – Verificare Simply Design, Print, Scan & Go!

OVERVIEW – Verificare (OMR Software):

OVERVIEW – Verificare (OMR Software) V erificare is considered to be the best choice for making an investment in the OMR industry. The software can swiftly design , print and process OMR sheets , thereby ensuring brilliant accuracy marks. This cost effective solution will provide freedom from usage of traditional OMR forms. It incorporates advanced technology features like the anti cheat detection and wrong answer key detection. The user interface of this software is easy to use and learn. The user can employ plain paper sheets with their normal office scanner to print and process OMR sheets seamlessly.

Verificare Features::

Verificare Features: It can process traditional and all other types of OMR sheets with streamlined processing cycle . The scanned documents can easily be processed to attain 100% accuracy . An advanced speed booster unit that can read 10 times faster with significant speed of 300 sheets per minute . No special dependency on the type and size of paper used . Fluent support to bundles of sheets with continuous processing synchronization . Can provide immediate forefront analysis . Swift track to the identification of mandatory fields.

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Smooth cropping of the required fields, can crop data such as photographs and a signature from the OMR sheets . The user can insert companies logo or bar-codes to easily differentiate between the subsequent assembly of OMR response sheets . The software is cost effective solution offering premium speed and accuracy . Verificare OMR Software is compatible with a variety of scanner units ranging from flatbed/ ADF/ MFP . The software has simplex construction, multiple functionality and requires minimal human intervention . The user can employ a normal printer to print OMR sheets. Verificare Features……….

OMR Software For Multiple Industries:

OMR Software For Multiple Industries Schools and Universities Schools and Universities conduct examinations to analyze the performance of their students. The governing authorities conduct papers, whether internal or external. OMR software Verificare offers a swift tool to the educational organizations using, which they can produce results within short time.

OMR Software For Multiple Industries……….:

OMR Software For Multiple Industries………. Coaching & Institute The Coaching & Institute have switched towards the use of OMR Software Verificare. It helps to have a symmetric monitoring platform to analyze a candidate's performance.

OMR Software For Multiple Industries……….:

OMR Software For Multiple Industries………. Survey Industry The Verificare intelligent OCR/ICR technology embedded in our products serves various Survey Organizations in organizing their daily survey reports and concerned data . The OMR Software Verificare can collect any kind of data from OMR sheets.

OMR Software For Multiple Industries……….:

OMR Software For Multiple Industries………. Government and PSU The OMR Software Verificare is a reliable and robust product from OMRHome that helps many government and PSU clients. Verificare is successfully helping them evaluate accurate and faster data in low labor and operating costs.

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