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Ich hoffe auch, dass ich so einen Presentation in Deutsch auch presentiere, wenn alle die Deutsch sprechen koennen, auch interessante Informationen sehen koennen

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I hope that i continue my researching and present more interesting powerpoint presentations to all that can help in education especially for children and kids

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i love dolphin ...but havnt seen yet ..i wud love to see and play :).........thnx for sharing this nice informative presentatio

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This presentation is made for educational purposes to kids and adults alike. Please add your comments

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Dolphins : 

Dolphins By: Omar

Location : 

Location In the Pacific Ocean In the Atlantic Ocean In the Mediterranean and in the Black Seas In the Indian Ocean

Habitat : 

Habitat Dolphins live in coastal waters and in the open ocean

Breeding : 

Breeding Dolphins become mature at ages from 5-12 years Dolphins breed throughout the year in various locations and certain seasons

Senses : 

Senses Hearing and Echolocation Eyesight Other senses: Smell, Tactile, Taste

Hearing : 

Hearing Dolphins have a very good hearing Dolphins can hear higher frequencies than a human and can hear them from far away Dolphins can hear small objects from 120m away with their echolocation.

Eyesight : 

Eyesight Dolphins have excellent eyesight in water or above Dolphins have the ability to see in bright and dim light

Eating habits : 

Eating habits Dolphins usually eat fish and squids and can also eat shrimps

Dolphin’s Intelligence : 

Dolphin’s Intelligence Dolphins are as smart as monkeys Dolphins save lots of people from drowning Dolphins love humans Dolphins are very playful with humans Dolphins can also communicate to others by using their ultrasonic waves

Relationship with us : 

Relationship with us Humans have slaughtered millions of dolphins Other people tried to save them

Predators : 

Predators There are lots of predators who eat dolphins like: Sharks Killer Whales Humans

Speed : 

Speed Dolphins can swim in water very fast They can normally swim at 5-11 kph and up to 29-35 kph

Behavior : 

Behavior Dolphins live in groups called pods Structure is based on age and sex Most prefer association with each other Dolphins often hunt together

Types of Dolphins : 

Types of Dolphins There are more than 41 species of dolphins The most famous dolphins are the bottlenose dolphins

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