step-by-step on how to follow pastor chris on twitter


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Video Steps on How to Follow Pastor Chris on Twitter


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Step-by-step on How To Follow Pastor Chris On Twitter : 

Step-by-step on How To Follow Pastor Chris On Twitter

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Following Pastor Chris live on twitter is a way of receiving live tweets directly from the man of God. Its another way God want to reach us in this dispensation. Pastor Chris is taking advantage of the technology available these days to reach out to millions around the world.

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The steps outlined will help you in being a follower of Pastor Chris on twitter. Firstly, go to

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You will see the previous displayed site.Then click on the followers’ link as shown before, it then takes you to where you can either join or sign in if you are already registered. If already registered, sign in with your username and password.Otherwise, click on Join!

It takes you to the page below. : 

It takes you to the page below.

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Fill in your full name, then your preferred username and password. Also fill in your email, you can also tick “let others find me by email” if not already ticked. You can read the Terms of Service then finally click on Create my account button. Then you will be automatically be following Pastor Chris on twitter where you will be receiving live tweets of Pastor Chris. I hope this helps. You can also check God bless!

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