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Diesel Power Tuning


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Drive a Diesel? Welcome to Diesel Power Tuning

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Want to save fuel?

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Fuel savings of up to 16% possible

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Want more pulling power?

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Increases power better driveability

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Extra pulling power!

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Then you need DPT….

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Advantages of DPT….

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Lowers CO emissions 2

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Increases MPG The easy way

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More pulling power

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Increases Pulling Power Reduced Co2 Emissions Improved MPG Less gear changes Improved driving experience Advantages of DPT

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Power Economy and Performance

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Not sure?..... A few questions answered

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FAQ’s Does the unit interfere with or reprogram my ECU? No the DPT connects between the original ECU and the injection system of your car. The DPT intercepts the data coming from the original unit, re-calculates and optimises the data before sending the modified parameters to the pump.

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Testimonials "I just wanted to say that I'm back from a week away in Yorkshire. The first time we had towed our van since we had the unit fitted. In fact the caravan is why we bought your unit. It was exactly as you said plenty of pull when my car would normally be slowing down. No frustration of having queues building up behind us. Great Thanks. I'm off again in 2 week and will be recommending this to everyone on site as i did last week." Gerry & Gillian, N Ireland

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Order today for SPECIAL show price!

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FAQ’s How can I quantify what effect the unit has on my Performance? Whilst you will immediately feel the additional torque when driving, the only way to quantify the extra power is to have your vehicle put on a rolling road (dynamometer test). We specifically identify installers who can offer this facility and where your local one does not they, or we, will be able to identify a local source that does.

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Testimonials "We used the unit on our Renault Espace which we use to tow our Bailey caravan. First trip with the unit last weekend was a dream, your installer set it up so i would get the most benefit when towing, the change is great. The extra pulling power makes a massive difference and the fuel saving will make this little thing pay for itself this season. I would not be without it now and i am no longer thinking of buying a more powerful towing car either so you really have saved me money, thanks." Roger, Carlisle

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FAQ’s Does the DPT have any detrimental effect upon my engine? No, the unit simply enables your engine to develop more power & torque, which are contained within the Vehicle Manufacturers tolerance levels so there is absolutely no possibility of damaging your engine. Think of DPT as improving engine "efficiency".

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Testimonials “Just got back to London. Extra performance in the car is fabulous, especially with instant acceleration. But economy ........ Where do I start?! My average mpg from London to Leeds prior to having the box fitted on the 3 litre engine was between 28mpg and 30mpg. My best was 32.7mpg driving very economically. I have just got back home and the readout displayed 38.1mpg. Fabulous and thank you, fitted in under 10 minutes by your installer and immediate results, amazing.“ Garry, London

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More pulling power

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Testimonials "The following was an e-mail received by a user who's local dealer had allowed him a DPT on trial for a week whilst pulling his caravan ..... Just to let you know I've just got back from touring the lakes. I wont be having the DPT removed as it feels like I've had a bigger engine fitted. Great Product would recommend it to anyone." Alan Barker, Northumberland

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Improved pulling power

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Testimonials "I have had this unit on my 6 month old BMW 320D for about a month now. I had no interest in the added power but was assured it would improve drivability and my fuel consumption. (i do a lot of mileage). I must say the car drives like it should have when i first bought it. Excellent, Thank you." Gordon, Highlands

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Better Fuel Economy

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Have all your questions been answered? If not visit www.dieselpowertuning.co.uk

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More low down torque

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Order today for SPECIAL show price!

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What can I expect from tuning my car?

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The graphs on the next few pages show how the DPT unit can be tailored to your individual driving style or requirements

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Mercedes A class A170 CDi Peak Power 96BHP At 3890rpm Peak Torque 228Nm At 2539rpm Standard Car after dyno run

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Tuned for load carrying / towing dyno run Mercedes A class A170 CDi Peak Power 99.5BHP At 4214 RPM Peak Torque 272Nm At 2256 RPM More low down torque equals better pulling power ideal for towing or load carrying.

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Tuned for Fuel Economy dyno run Mercedes A class A170 CDi Peak Power 97.1BHP At 3030 RPM Peak Torque 247Nm At 2562 RPM Max torque and power are close together which gives better combustion which equals less fuel used.

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More pulling power

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For a full technical guide on how DPT works please visit our website www.dieselpowertuning.co.uk How does it work?

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Is installation easy?

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Once programmed, easy Plug & Play installation Not an ECU re-map Highest quality, European manufactured components.

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2 year manufacturers warranty. Insurance industry recognised product. Robust construction.

Nationwide Installers

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How do I find out more? You can call us on 01670 706 985 or visit our website www.dieselpowertuning.co.uk

Ask here today for details of YOUR local installer.

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