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Social Media Research:

Social Media Research Twitter


Twitter Twitter is an online social networking site, allowing people to connect with status’ of only 140 characters, which was created in March 2006 and now has over 500 million registered users. It is used by a range of people like celebrities, civilians and companies which has made it a great place to advertise worldwide. Companies have the ability to promote their product by creating trends and advertising competitions or special offers. Film and television companies also use twitter to promote their new films or shows. They have to ability to share behind the scenes photos, release dates and sneak previews to build up a hype around their new release.

Profile Design:

Profile Design Simple, eye-catching, professional Formal language Links to companies website Promoting other profiles of the company Simple logo Remember able name

PowerPoint Presentation:

After looking at various production companies profile designs, I found the common factors were to make it look simple yet professional, use clear but formal language and add as many links to other social sites the company has. This will give a good impression to the customers and set the tone for the company. It is also a good advert for the other social network sites. As it is the first thing that people will see when they go on the twitter profile it needs to represent the company and entice people to like the page.

Our Profile Design:

Our Profile Design Appropriate, professional, eye-catching Formal and clear language Links to company website Remember able name Simple professional

Example Tweets:

Example Tweets Quizzes and competitions Count down to release date Links to the trailer Behind the scenes exclusives Retweeting fans

PowerPoint Presentation:

I have researched the different types of tweets that film production companies send out and found that they use every tweet to promote their latest film to their followers and to try at reach out to more followers with hashtag trends. There are lots of quizzes and competitions and exclusives to entice people to follow the page where they send out links to the trailer to promote the film. They also retweet peoples comments about the film and trailer to show their connection with their fans while promoting the reviews of the film.

Our Tweets:

Our Tweets Links to other social pages of the film Quizzes and competitions Advertising release date Retweeting fans Behind the scenes exclusives

Link to our twitter page:

Link to our twitter page

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