Best Marijuana Strains To Bring Your Creative Side Out

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If you have an MMJ card, you may even get some great deals, too, on these. But if you don’t have the card, you can always apply for 420 evaluations and get it in just a few minutes.


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01 Best Marijuana Strains To Bring Your Creative Side Out 420ForMe - Marijuana Doctors Evaluations Bakersfield Website: Ph: 661 403-5506 Location: 13061 Rosedale Hwy Ste G Bakersfield CA 93314

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Weed is great right It can make you laugh it can de-stress you after a long hard day at work and it can even get those creative juices of yours flowing a little better. That’s right. Marijuana is quite famous for its ability to make a person think more creatively. Now add some of the plant’s usual side effects like relaxation and euphoria and here you have the perfect cocktail 02 However while cannabis in general is amazing to spark your creative vibe certain strains are much better at the work than others. I mean you wouldn’t want to gulp up on a heavy Indica strain before getting your hands on to your keyboard right

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But don’t worry. You won’t have to try a million strains to find the one perfect for your creative side. We have done all the research for you. So just kick back relax and read on to find out the best cannabis strains to bring out your artsy self. 03 Best Strains for Creativity As the cannabis experience generally varies from person to person the best strain may also differ for different people. However there are a few strains that are definitely better than the others at this task. Let’s talk about a few.

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LSD Though you won’t experience a usual high as you get with other strong drugs you’ll definitely feel a unique and interesting vibe. Users of this strain say they experienced a really amazing feeling of relaxation and creativity with its usage. So if you’re looking to get that artistic side of yours out LSD is a must-try strain. If you seek a truly trippy experience along with a creative groove you don’t need to look any further than this classic fan-favorite strain- LSD. LSD which is a cross between Mazar and Skunk 1 is particularly an Indica-dominant strain. The strain has an incredibly high 25 percent THC content. 04

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Blue Dream With the THC meter just touching the 25 percent mark the high this strain produces is just as amazing as it is pleasant. The users of the Blue Dream strain report its effects to be really uplifting and creative. Blue Dream as many know it is a unique and legendary marijuana strain which has a quite distinct yet recognizable aroma of earthly and sweet blueberries. This is also an Indica-dominant strain which is made by crossing Haze and Blueberry. Blue Dream is an amazing option for those who want to indulge themselves in some creative work. 05

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The last one on our list is a Sativa-dominant strain White fire OG. Though it is last on the list it certainly isn’t any less than the others. This particular strain is a hybrid of The White and Fire OG. Some also know it as WiFi OG due to its wide demand among the consumers. With a THC content of around 22 percent this strain can provide you with an amazing cerebral high. WiFi OG is also quite famous among the users for its Stoney vibe and creativity boosting abilities. If any of the above-mentioned strains sound interesting to you just visit any local dispensary in your area and check if they have it or not. And if you have an MMJ card you may even get some great deals too on these. But if you don’t have the card you can always apply for 420 evaluations and get it in just a few minutes. White Fire OG 06

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