Olga Parno : Importance of creative skills in creative photography

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Olga Parno said creative skills are very important for learning creative photography. It is an art in which you got a chance to show your creativity. learn basic skills of photography and explore your experience world wide.


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Learn Creative Photography Learn Creative Photography Idea With Olga Parno Idea With Olga Parno By Olga Parno

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What is creative Photography Creative Photography is same like as normal photography. We just add some creative ideas in photography. In simple words photography is an art you can add your creativity to make photograph special.

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Follow these techniques to make your Photograph Special 1. Shoot From the Ground 2. Use Infrared Photography 3. Use Multiple exposures function 4. Make Use of Flash

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Shoot From the Ground Shoot From the Ground It is the best techniques to make your photograph special. put your camera on the ground and focus on an object. This technique will give you outstanding results.

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Use Infrared Photography Infrared photography is a good art itself. You can do amazing photography by using the infrared technique. This function is not in all cameras. You can this function in your camera manual. You can capture green tree as in white color and blue sky in black color

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Use Multiple exposures function Use Multiple exposures function If this function is in your camera then you can capture amazing photographs. Take same photograph from different different angles it gives you unique results.

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Make Use of Flash If you want to do photography in low light then make use of flash for a good result in photography.

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