OLEO Offers a Convenient, On-the-Go Way to Enjoy CBD

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OLEO offers CBD infused drink mixes to enjoy post workout or after a long day. Their varieties of flavored drink mixes for the active and adventurous include coconut and three with rooibos tea and black tea extracts: passion fruit, tangerine, and caffeinated raspberry. Each serving contains 25 milligrams of CBD, so athletes know exactly what they are consuming. OLEO’s products are developed using a proprietary “micro-encapsulation” process that allows the cannabinoid to be easily dissolved in cold water. The brand sells their flavored CBD infused drinks in on-the-go single-serve packets and 10-serving jars. At the request of their fans they also recently launched a 30-serving jar of their popular flavorless CBD additive.


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OLEO Offers a Convenient On-the- Go Way to Enjoy CBD

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OLEO Offers a Convenient On-the-Go Way to Enjoy CBD For the active and adventurous there’s OLEO. The company has crafted an easy effective way to enjoy CBD with their drink mixes designed to dissolve quickly in water with no funky aftertaste. It’s hydration without the high. Founded in Seattle in 2015 OLEO launched its first line of powdered CBD drink mixes last year. In April 2019 the brand rolled out a line of flavored CBD drink mixes including one with coconut water and three with rooibos and black tea extracts: raspberry with caffeine passion fruit and tangerine. Add OLEO’s CBD drinks to your pre- or post-workout or during your routine to enjoy your own CBD benefits. OLEO’s CBD drinks feature delicious flavors and quality ingredients to help renew the body and revive the mind whether you’re hitting it hard on the trail or chilling après. The freedom of your sport of choice is inherent in OLEO’s mission to create something that they would use themselves and happily share with their active friends and family. OLEO Drink Mixes The combination of water-soluble CBD plus rooibos and black tea extracts are at the heart of OLEO’s CBD infused drinks which are sold as quick-dissolving powders. They even offer a CBD drink mix made with coconut water. Their mixes can be purchased in convenient single-serve packets or larger canisters. Along with 10-serving jars of their coconut water passion fruit tea

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tangerine tea and raspberry tea with caffeine flavors the brand recently launched a 30- serving jar of their popular flavorless CBD additive. The on-the-go packets are the perfect portable addition to your busy day. Simply stick a few packets in your gym bag purse backpack or pocket and enjoy the benefits of a cup of rooibos tea infused with CBD wherever the day takes you. Or get your fill of electrolytes by enjoying OLEO’s Coconut CBD Drink Mix. Higher-Quality Products Using proprietary technology OLEO converts hemp extract from small farms in Colorado into a powder that has no aftertaste and is highly bioaccessible. The company calls this ingredient Oleo CBD an additive that makes it easy to craft effective CBD products to take on every adventure. The small farms in Colorado extract their CBD from organically-grown industrial hemp. Higher-quality ingredients mean better products as a result. Reliable Servings Each serving of OLEO’s CBD drinks are infused with 25 milligrams of Oleo CBD. The company’s micro-encapsulation process coats CBD particles in a naturally-binding material which allows the CBD to dissolve easily in cold water. This form of CBD is water-soluble and has a higher absorption/bioaccessibility than other forms of CBD. In addition OLEO’s products are free of THC GMOs gluten and animal by-products. Learn more about OLEO and browse their CBD drink products at https://www.oleolife.com Original Source: http://bit.ly/2pc4WbR

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