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Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review /philips-bt50b-wireless-portable-bluetooth-speaker-review/ by Philips BT50B Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker Review Big sound that fits in a fist. Overview Speciality Anti-clipping feature Bluetooth Yes Battery 1 Lithium ion battery 6 Hours Weight 90g Dimensions 6.1 x 6.1 x 7.6 cm Power Output 2 Watts Positives Light weight and compact Anti-clipping feature Color combinations Clean sound Low price Negatives No volume control Minimal bass Our Rating User Rating Rate Here Design 8.5 1/5

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6.5 Durability 8.0 — Sound 9.0 — Value for money 8.5 — Bottom Line The Philips BT50B can be a smart choice for all those who listen to multiple genres and like to carry around their speakers. With the quirky design vibrant colours extra clean sound and compactness it is certainly up to mark when it comes to a wireless portable bluetooth speaker. 8.5 Our Rating 6.5 User Rating 1 rating You have rated this Review With the evolution of technology audio industry has taken itself to a whole another level which you would never have imagined 10 years ago. Making a speaker “wireless” has become elementary now and the real challenge is to make it compact and portable yet loud and affordable. Philips BT50B is one such speaker competing in the category of compact and portable speakers. Lets take a deeper dive and see what BT50B has to offer. What’s in the box 2/5

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The Philips BT50B package comes with a USB cable for charging a worldwide warranty leaflet and a quick install guide. Sadly the USB cable does not come with an adapter but it’s not going to be a major issue since everybody has it lying around these days if you own a smartphone. Design Features About the speaker holding BT50B in hand feels satisfying. It has a really smooth yet grippy surface because of the soft matte finish on the body. The speaker is made up of plastic which makes it quiet delicate. The speaker has a quirky design and has a cylindrical shape with the speaker driver facing upwards and the speaker grill which is also made up of plastic. The size of the speaker is much smaller that a soda can and will easily fit in your palm. Philips BT50B is extremely light weight weighing only 90 grams. The bottom of the speaker has a rubber padding that prevents it from slipping away. The Philips BT50B is meant to be used in a vertically erect position which gives the sound output a surround effect. On the front side of the speaker right below the Philips logo there is an: 1. LED indicator that turns to white when used in aux mode and turn blue when used in bluetooth mode. 2. Three way switch that says OFF aux input and bluetooth. 3. Round button which is to be used for bluetooth pairing. Unfortunately there is no volume control keys and also the LED does not indicate the battery level so there is no way to tell when battery gets low. On the back side there is a USB charging port and a aux input port. The bluetooth range of the speaker is upto 10 meters and is feasible enough. Philips claims upto 6 hours of operating time on battery but it can vary between 5 to 7 hours depending on your usage and is admirable. 3/5

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It is available in plain black colour and other bright and vibrant colour combinations such as white and grey aqua blue and fluorescent green and orange and grey the prices may differ on the basis of colour. The most important and standout feature of the Philips BT50B is the anti-clipping function that keeps your speaker safe from damage by high volume distortion and gives you a mellow listening experience. How does it sound If we talk about the sound Philips BT50B is a shockingly loud speaker for its small size. But because of its small size there is not much room for bass which might disappoint some people. Anyway you cannot expect much from a speaker at this price range and knowing how compact and portable it is. The bass output of the speaker is minimal but there is perfectly balanced highs and mids to compensate. Rather than being bass oriented Philips BT50B has a crisp clean and crunchy sound. Thanks to the anti-clipping function which helps deliver clear sound even at high volumes. The speaker is loud enough to fill a room and is conveniently portable for outdoor use. The bass of the speaker might not give a punch but the crisp clean sound will definitely take you on a mellow trip. Buy Now OR Add to Cart Go To Store Go To Store 4/5

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