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Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review /bose-soundlink-mini-ii-review/ Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review Contents Overview Rating Full Article Comments Better sound in the palm of your hand. Overview Speciality One of the loudest portable speaker Bluetooth Yes Range: 9m Battery Upto 10 hours Weight 0.68 Kg Dimensions 2" H x 7.1" W x 2.3" D 1.5 lbs Positives Robust design Charging cradle Small yet loud Dual passive radiators Negatives No NFC Heavier weight Our Rating User Rating Rate Here Design 1/4

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9.0 7.7 Durability 9.5 6.8 Sound 9.0 7.0 Value for money 8.5 9.7 Bottom Line If you liked the original SoundLink Mini then Mini II will definitely blow your mind. Also if want a "really" loud and clean portable speaker and you are ready to invest a little higher price then its totally worth it. 9.0 Our Rating 7.8 User Rating 2 ratings You have rated this Portable Bluetooth speakers have been sailing their way to reach the top since 2003. All speaker manufacturers including Bose are hustling to get their versions of portable speakers before the audience. One such venture from Bose is the SoundLink Mini II wireless bluetooth speaker. Founded in 1964 Bose has been ruling the audiophile industry from quite a long time with its vast experience of 53 years and is well known for their sturdy speakers and powerful performance. Bose launched SoundLink Mini II in an effort to fix all the shortcomings in the original SoundLink Mini and to add some new features. What’s in the box The Bose SoundLink Mini II comes in a husky box and with the speaker there is a micro-usb charging cable a charging cradle a wall charger the user manual and Bose’s warranty card. Design Features The speaker has a aluminium body and feels very sturdy and solid. Because of its’s strong built quality the Mini II weights in at 0.68 Kg which is a bit heavier than a lot of portable bluetooth speakers. For extra safety and to prevent it from scratches you can also purchase these additional soft covers by Bose or a complete package of soft cover with carrying case by Smatree. 2/4

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The SoundLink Mini II is small in size and you can easily hold it in your hands. However you cannot carry it in your pocket so you might have to carry it in your bag. The speaker has an interesting feature of verbal feedback that tells you how much battery is remaining who is calling you device connected. It is very easier to reconnect your device to the speaker as it can remember the last eight devices used. You can pair upto two devices simultaneously but only one device can play audio at a time and can switch between the two connected devices. The battery life of Bose SoundLink Mini II is a huge advantage as it offers upto 10 hours of solid playback. The battery typically charges fully in 4 hours. The speaker looks just like a rectangular brick and is 7” wide 2” tall and 2.3“ deep.The low profile design of the SoundLink Mini II gives an extremely low centre of gravity which means that it is nearly impossible for the speaker to flip over unlike other oval shaped speakers. All the interactive smooth rubber buttons are on the top of the speaker. 1.Power : T o turn on/off the speaker. Hold this button to get the battery status. 2.Minus/Plus : T o turn the volume Up/Down respectively. 3.Multifunction : In the centre is the control playback and to answer phone calls with its built in speakerphone feature. With this button you can also access Siri or Google now. 4.Bluetooth : T ap to select a Bluetooth device.The speaker will automatically connect to the last paired device. In case there is no device connected it will look for new devices to pair. Moving to the technical aspects the SoundLink Mini II has a Bluetooth range of 30ft which is sufficient enough to roam around at your place away from the source device. With the charging cradle you can keep playing your favourite music while the device is being charged. Usually small portable speakers are not so powerful in performance. But this is not the case with Bose SoundLink Mini II. It comes with two 1.5” drivers that has extremely high excursion as compared to their size and hence they are capable of pumping more air which builds larger air pressure inside the housing as compared to other drivers of this size. The air pressure built in turn drivers the passive radiators. Since the air pressure is higher for its size it delivers a thumping bass. The dual passive radiators are placed opposite to each other to cancel out vibrations. Thus the speaker remains intact without getting affected by the vibrations. However the drivers of the speaker are only one sided. Hence if you are standing behind the speaker you might feel a lower bass. How does it sound The Bose Sound Link mini II gives extremely deeper bass credits to the dual passive radiators. It does a very good job at showcasing the crisp and sharpness of the overall sound. It has a relatively rich bass as compared to other speakers in its segment. Even at high volumes the vocals and mids sounds clear. The treble is also pretty clear and smooth.There is no sign of sharper sounding mids and highs.The voice quality also feels very natural and clean. The Bose SoundLink Mini II comes in two colors : Cabon and Pearl.The carbon version has a black exterior while the Pearl has a silvery housing. Conclusion 3/4

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The Bose Sound link Mini II is a high budget speaker with smaller size yet bigger sound. With a bass which you will appreciate and the sturdiness justifies the high cost of speaker. It is loud has plenty of battery life speakerphone functionality easier connectivity and all the qualities of a superb portable bluetooth speaker. Buy Now OR Add to Cart Go To Store Go To Store 4/4

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