How to Save Electricity

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Find How to Save Electricity tips and tricks


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How to Save Electricity:

How to Save Electricity Electricity Saving Tips and Tricks - OHRLighting

Change your bulbs:

Change your bulbs Led Bulbs use only about 1/4 the energy of incandescent bulbs LED bulbs are newer to the market. They're more expensive than CFLs, but they last longer and don't contain mercury. Long Life - LED Lighting Features Long Operational Life Time Expectations

Energy Saving Tips :

Energy Saving Tips Turn off the lights when not in use Unplug any appliances that aren't in use Replace old appliances with energy-saving models. Use less hot water


OHRLighting Benefits of Edison Bulbs Save Electricity Long Life OHR 40WATT EDISON BULB will Add an elegant, historic touch to your house

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