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Training & Capacity building :

Training & Capacity building By Dr. Ohan F. Yonan HRTDC/MOH


introduction Training & Development process is the main , more proper & best way to prepare & development of HR for increase effectiveness & efficiency of performance in Organization.

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Organizations that wish to obtain a competitive advantage through the development of services, it must make real investments in training and human resources development. The Organizations which is threatened by evanescence & disappearance that is not investing in training & human resources development.

The Different Levels of Capacity Building:

The Different Levels of Capacity Building Capacity is sometimes divided into four levels individual organizational network/ sectoral enabling environment of which each represents its own level of analysis , So training play important role in building capacity of HR .

Training :

Training It is a learning process for individual to get new knowledge , skills as well as positive changes in their attitudes

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MOH Development human resources Development Training (HRTDC) Lead Development human resources ( capacity building ) Training Lead Development MOH

Mechanism of training :

Mechanism of training Performance gap Old performance New standard performance (K.P. A.) Training Building capacity

Training System :

Training System Planning Organization Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation

Importance of training & development :

Importance of training & development Training is the best way to develop human resources in all countries and can be classified into 2 aspect: Importance for organization Importance for individual

Importance for organization:

Importance for organization Improve performance through the strengthening the positive and solve the problems and treat the weaknesses of the organization. Improve the knowledge , skills and attitudes at all levels of the organization. Increase the effectiveness and efficiency of decision-making process.

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Assist workers in identifying and clarifying the goals of the organization & its policies. Strengthens the link between the employee and the organization and increases their loyalty to it. decrease negative role of conflict & increase positive role.

Importance for individual :

Importance for individual Help employees in the development of communication skills and positive interaction to reach the best performance Reduce errors and developing individual expertise in decision-making. Developing motivation of individuals and improve their behavior with increasing their commitment to career.

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Training is trying to create a link between the individual goals and objectives of the organization. Training lead to increase levels of job satisfaction for employees

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