Inexpensive Cabin Build

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Inexpensive Cabin Build:

Inexpensive Cabin Build

Slide 2:

Clearing land for cabin.

Slide 4:

Leveling 2x8 floor joists .

Slide 5:

Joists are 16 inch on center, p ressure treated 2x8. A 2x6 running down center with additional support added later.

Slide 6:

3 Inch structural deck screws were used instead of nails.

Slide 7:

Bending fence top rail as supports for steel roof, using a 12 foot pipe bender .

Slide 8:

Drilled and fixed pipes using same 3 inch structural deck screws, pre drilled pipes first.

Slide 9:

OSB 23/32 sub floor. Used a jig saw to cut around pipes. Expanding foam used to fill gaps.

Slide 10:

Deck is 12x20 . A drip edge was added all the way around cabin on the deck. The roof panels were placed over this to avoid leaks.

Slide 11:

Using 1 inch self tapping metal roof screws to attach 12x2.5 roof panels .

Slide 12:

There was definitely a learning curve to hitting beams.

Slide 14:

Closing in end of cabin. Fixed 2x4 studs using 3 inch structural deck screws with 3/8 ply over top. If you look close you can see a drip edge where roof panels meet deck.

Slide 15:

Angled cross bracing for support

Slide 18:

All gaps are filled with expanding foam, then caulked with paintable silicone.

Slide 19:

Painted with red oil based barn paint.

Slide 21:

We will add two windows on either side, when we move in full time.

Slide 22:

First night in cabin. We will insulate with 1 inch polystyrene, then cover with 3/16 plywood.

Slide 24:

The cabin took two of us five days to build. It cost about $2000. We stayed in a tent on our property when building. We plan to live here full time in about two months. Cabin is completely off grid.

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