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The Anti-Terrorist FenceFacts and Figures : 

The Anti-Terrorist FenceFacts and Figures Photo: Sasson Tiram © February 2004

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Proportionally speaking, in the United States these figures would be equal to 40,580 dead. UK: equal to 9,000 dead France: equal to 9,000 dead Spain: equal to 6,000 dead Germany: equal to 12,000 dead Italy: equal to 9,000 dead Russia: equal to 21,500 dead In the last three years, over 900 Israelis have been killed in terrorist attacks, and over 6,000 have been injured.

Impact of Suicide Bombings : 

Impact of Suicide Bombings Violent incidents since Sept. ’00 ……20,162 Suicide attacks carried out …………..137 Israelis killed in suicide bombings …431 Total Israelis Killed 927 Total Israelis Killed: 927

Suicide Attacks and Their Origins : 

81 Israelis Killed 28 Israelis Killed 87 Israelis Killed 124 Israelis killed 44 Israelis Killed 55 Israelis Killed 83 Israelis Killed Suicide Attacks and Their Origins Kfar Sava R. Ha’ayin Taibe Origin Point for One Attack One Suicide Attack

Breakdown of Fatalities : 

Breakdown of Fatalities

Effectiveness of the Fence : 

Effectiveness of the Fence The fence substantially improves the ability of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) to prevent the infiltration of terrorists and criminal elements into Israel.

Determining the Course of the Fence : 

Determining the Course of the Fence Dozens of crossing points have been set up to enable the controlled mutual flow of people and goods. On average, there is a crossing point every 1.8 miles (3 km) of Phase A.

Determining the Course of the Fence : 

Determining the Course of the Fence Use of public lands is a priority. When this is not feasible, private land is requisitioned but remains the property of its original owner. Full compensation is offered, and owners can file objections with the High Court of Justice. In a number of cases agreement was reached regarding alterations and local considerations. The preservation of landscape and nature remains a priority.

Route Overview : 

Route Overview Fence Bureau assembled July 2001. Fence to be constructed in phases. Tel Aviv  Jerusalem Jericho Shekhem (Nablus)  Jenin Tulkarem Ramallah Hebron Bethlehem 10 miles wide Qalqilya 10miles/ 16km wide!

Phase A : 

Phase A Approved August 2002 85 miles (137 km) from Salem Elqana 12.5 miles (20 km) in northern and southern areas of Jerusalem Elqana  Tel Aviv COMPLETED

Phase B : 

Phase B Approved January 2003 50 miles (80 km) Salem Tirat-Zvi 43 km to Tirat Zvi in phase B1, and completion of another 37 km to Mt. Avner in phase B2.  Tel Aviv Under Construction

Phase C1 : 

Phase C1 Approved August 2003  40 miles (64 km) in three segments: Beit Sahur  Olive Jct. Qalandyia  Anatot Around Bir Nabala  Tel Aviv Under Construction

Anti-Terrorist Fence Cross Section : 

Anti-Terrorist Fence Cross Section 1 2 3 6 5 4 1 Barbed wire Fine sand Paved road A ditch 6-8 ft Fence 10ft (3m) Dirt road

Walled Sections : 

Walled Sections Approximately 3.8% of the fence (Lengths are proportional) 3.8% 100%

Walled Sections : 

Walled Sections The walled sections of the fence were erected along Highway #6, close to the towns of Tulkarem and Qalqiliya, where snipers target and shoot commuters. 300m (985 feet) Highway #6

Walled Sections : 

Walled Sections Tel Aviv   Qalqiliya Qalqilya Highway #6 Walled Section Kfar-Sava Qalqiliya and Highway #6: Walled sections of the fence were installed facing sniper-prone areas and compromise only 3.8% of the length of the fence.

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Habla Palestinian Authority Matan Israel

Yokne’am Suicide Bombing Attempt : 

Yokne’am Suicide Bombing Attempt On December 13, 2003, Islamic Jihad members from Jenin set out for Yokneam, an Israeli town north-east of Jenin, with the intent of carrying out a suicide attack against the town’s ORT-Alon High School. Due to the Anti-Terrorist Fence erected in that area, the terrorists were forced to travel eastward in order to infiltrate into Israel from the Jordan Valley, where no fence exists. There, however, they were able to be intercepted, and the attack thwarted.

December 3, 2003 – Yokne’am Suicide Bombing Attempt : 

December 3, 2003 – Yokne’am Suicide Bombing Attempt Existing fence Planned fence Planned Arrested

Arab Public Opinion on the Fence : 

Arab Public Opinion on the Fence Tawfik Abu Baker, Palestinian Parliament member: The Palestinians and their suicide attacks are what forced Israel to build a fence. (“Al Dastour”, Jordan, Jan 7 2004) Dr. Ahsan Al Trabelsi, publicist Yasser Arafat, the PA and the militant fundamentalists are responsible for building this fence. No one else built it. (“Ilaf” website, Jan 13, 2004) Abed El Rahman Rashid, “Al Sharq Al Awsat” board Had the Arabs accepted an agreement with Israel three years ago, they would have saved 1500 Palestinian lives, and prevented the building of the fence. (“Al Sharq Al Awsat” editorial, Dec 12, 2003)

For More Information : 

For More Information Ministry of Foreign Affairs - - Saving Lives: Israel's Anti-Terror Fence - Frequently Asked Questions - Palestinian terrorism since Sept. 2000 Ministry of Defense - - Seam Zone Web Site

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