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Informasi paket umroh hemat di Jakarta bersama Nava Tour


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Umrah Packages December 2015 save from Nava Tour available for those who want to run a pilgrimage in December 2015. Do you have a plan for Umrah this year But want cost-effective Still looking for a reliable Umrah agent that can provide Umrah package at a low price Do not hesitate to contact us because Nava Tour Jakarta is the Umrah travel agents who have years of experience serving the guests of God and the congregation has many dispatch smoothly. You can choose a schedule that is appropriate for your Umrah trip and if the month of December 2015 is the pilgrimage schedule that is right for you so now you can set off with cost-effective. Umrah package saving december 2015 For devout Muslims must have missed to be able to visit the house of God with the pilgrims. But with a limited quota conditions with a budget that is not too much and if can quotas but you can still turn in a long while you have wanted to visit Mecca and Medina the pilgrimage to the cost saving is a more realistic option and more allows to begin immediately. For that Nava Tour Jakarta is present to provide a solution for you because of the cost of pilgrimage does not always have to be expensive but you can be a maximum of worship. Want to leave Umrah with cost-effective Please select packages available you can also choose Umrah package in December 2015 if it is the most suitable time for you. Contact us immediately at the following numbers: Rahmat Arifudin 021 3311 4048 Hand Phone: 08788-441-2164 SMS / WA 08128-182-0698 SMS / WA BB Pin: 753F 243C 7D89 C41F Thank you for the trust you choose saving Umrah package in December 2015 together with Nava Tour Jakarta. Your satisfaction is our happiness. Visit

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