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This top cbse school in Bhubaneswar aims at the over-all development of students by providing them top facilities, smart classrooms, rich library and an amazing campus. This makes ODM Public school one of the top 10 cbse school in Bhubaneswar.


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How to start teaching kids English at home: This english medium school in Bhubaneswar tells us English is one of the most spoken languages in India and the world. Thus it becomes essential for children to know english from a young age. Parents these days wish to teach their english at home but are clueless as to where to begin. Teachers at ODM Public School the best english medium school in Bhubaneswar curated a list that can help parents teach the language at home without any fuss or confusion while also making learning fun: ● Playing Games One of the easiest ways of teaching something new to kids is doing it in the form of games and making it fun Flashcards are the easiest way of playing while teaching. You can use flashcards depending upon the learning stage your child is at: Letters words or sentences. You can also use board games and word games. ● Using Stories Reading bedtime stories and nap stories in English and later translating in your mother tongue if your kid doesn’t understand the language as of now can be both fun and knowledgeable. ● Using Movies Nothing’s better than a good movie Select any of the animated films or films meant for children from the long list of movies available and watch on Later discuss the storyline and characters with him or her in english. ● Using Music Teach your kid english rhymes or music while also telling them the meaning along with it. You can also choose to teach your kid dance with it since that will make it more fun

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● Create a strategy When you’re clear about what you’re going to teach your kid at which stage it’ll become easier for him to grasp things as well. Start by easier things like numbers and colours and body parts then move onto animals and food names and adjectives etc. Teachers at ODM Public School the best english medium school in bhubaneswar also use all of the given techniques while teaching english to children thus ensuring that while learning new things children also have fun and do not feel any fatigue or boredom. Children have really short attention span and require fun techniques to help them remember everything. Thus the more active the medium the more desired the results would be. We at ODM believe that learning begins at home and there are no better teachers than parents. We hope that the tips and tricks shared by us help your tiny tot learn the language quickly If you’re looking for the best english medium school in bhubaneswar for your child then visit us at and take the best possible decision for your child today Meta Title English medium school in Bhubaneshwar | ODM Meta Description Methods and tricks that you can implement while trying to teach young children English at home.. Helping your kid stay calm during class 11: As told by experts at one of the best cbse

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schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th Last two years of school life are also the most crucial one for a student. Not only are they stressed about the upcoming board exams but are also anxious about finally entering the real world. This coupled with the physical and psychological changes that they’re going through because of adolescence causes their mental pressure to skyrocket. Facilitators and counsellors at ODM Public School one of the best cbse schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th have curated a list for parents which can help them provide a stress free environment to their children at home: 1. First and foremost would be letting the child choose the stream of his choice. If he or she asserts that she wants to take a particular stream then that means he/she is passionate about it and is willing to study it. Unnecessarily forcing your child to study a particular subject will only cause him discomfort. If your child is unsure about what he wants to pursue then taking him to the school counsellor and making him talk to his seniors would be a great option. 2. It is your duty to take care of their nutrition and diet. A balanced diet is known to help reduce stress and anxiety. Make sure that your child is getting ample nutrition at both school and home and isn’t catching any bad habits as children tend to during this age. Ample amount of sleep and frequent naps are also just as important as a balanced diet. 3. It’s important to find a blend of recreations and strategic studying. Help them make a timetable that they stick to and make sure that it includes activities that they love doing and not just studying. Remember board exams are still two years away 4. Play down the significance of these two years While it is important to perform well during these years but putting this in the child’s head all the time will only bog them down.

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5. Always make sure that you are present for them whenever they need you both as a friend and as a parent. Don’t be interfering and give them space at the same time. Remember this is the most crucial period of their teenage life and they will seek you for love and support. It is your duty to be loving and caring and to make them feel safe. Parents decide the dynamics of household life and you should strive to provide them a stress free and vibrant environment for their better future. We at ODM also make sure sure that our students are under zero stress and are taught academic concepts with ease and fun. Visit to know more about one of the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th and 12th Meta Title Tips from one of the best CBSE schools in Bhubaneswar for 11th | ODM Meta Description With class 11 your child enters one of the most important years of his schooling life. Know how you can help your child stay calm and create a vibrant environment for him during the period from of the best schools in the city. The best school in Odisha tells why extracurricular activities are important for children Extracurricular activities refers to the activities taught to the student outside of the set curriculum like singing dancing sports etc. Even though parents are largely of the opinion that ECA is an important part of a student’s life their approval of ECA only limits to the serious activites like debating quizzing public speaking or select dance forms like indian classical and

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sports like cricket and tennis. Parents still disapprove of activities like painting western dancing drama singing etc considering to be not as serious as the previous ones for reasons unknown. While it is true that ECA like public speaking and quizzing is interrelated to academia and can help a child with academics and learning but that doesn’t mean the kids should not indulge in other activities. ODM the best school in Odisha believes that as parents and teachers we should expose students to as many extra curricular activities as possible so that it widens their learning circle and helps them in all round development. Let’s look at few of the reasons why believe that ECA should be an integral part of school education: ● Improved Academic Performance Students who indulge in ECA are known to improve in their academics since they learn to manage their time better and also increase their attention span along with developing their visual and spatial skills. ● Time Management ECA teaches students to plan and implement their tasks in given time since they learn to manage academics and ECA together. ● Developing Commitment and Responsibility When a student participates in an activity that he or she likes he will be passionate towards it and will possess virtues like commitment and responsibility. At ODM the best school in Odisha we strive towards not only teaching new academic concepts but also character building and ECA plays an important role in it. ● Exposure to new activities Participating in various activities exposes students to new forms of art and sports teaching them new skills. Who knows they might find their passion in one of them and start to pursue it as a career further on in life. ● Peer engagement

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Participation in ECA increases peer interaction and makes children more confident and less anxious of crowds. Certain activities like public speaking and dancing also help them get rid of stage fright. Peer engagement also relieves stress. ODM Public School provides to all its students a dynamic environment that blends academic learning and extra-curricular activities for comprehensive development of its students. Our school boasts of a swimming pool an indoor gymnasium basketball and volleyball courts a cricket ground and an indoor sports hall for all kinds of sports activities for our children. The school also has specialized dance rooms music rooms toy houses and visual arts room to teach students various co-curricular activities. Visit to know more about the best school in Odisha Meta Title Best school in Odisha | ODM Meta Description How and why extracurricular activities at home and school are important for all round development of children.. ●

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