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IT is an online gambling site with online poker, casino games, sports betting and horse racing betting. Bodog’s initial deposit bonus comes with a 3X rollover in the sportsbook. Your first deposit to the Bodog Poker Room can earn you a sweet 100% sign up deposit bonus – up to $1,000 free. Free sports bets, and bonus poker cash, this is as good as it gets!.http://www.oddsandpots.com/promotions/bodog/ You’ve heard it before. Starting a poker session is easy. Knowing when to quit is the hard part. One of Newton’s first laws of physics targets inertia. http://www.oddsandpots.com/


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OddsAndPots.com was originally founded for the purpose of presenting rake rebate deals to the online poker-playing public. Over the years, online poker has grown tremendously, resulting in increased profit for poker operators. This profit is due to a higher amount of rake (percentage of a poker pot seized by table dealers as commission) collected over a greater magnitude of tables. Unfortunately, rake is seized at the expense of player bankrolls. Through our website’s sponsors, players can benefit financially from rebates in obtaining a percentage of their contribution to rakes. OddsAndPots makes this possible by negotiating deals with poker operators on behalf of our clients. We collect a reasonable rake fee from these operators to cover administration costs, technical work, and for reinvestment into website-related ventures. http://www.oddsandpots.com/


We  offer  OddsAndPots  readers special bonuses and incentives for signing up – simply review our latest promotions below.  Please click any one of our sponsors’ banners or links and enjoy their own unique brand of service. In doing so, you will be helping us maintain our website free to the general public.  If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the  Contact Us   form available at http://www.oddsandpots.com/ Disclaimer   In order to claim the special   OddsAndPots   bonus promotions, you must click the appropriate link when registering your account and you must make a real-money deposit. After your account is funded, please complete our   claim bonus form .  . http://www.oddsandpots.com/


If you have any questions or comments, please fill out the  Contact Us  form available at http://www.oddsandpots.com / Or http://www.oddsandpots.com/contactus / http://www.oddsandpots.com/

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