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Best San Diego scuba diving center for over 40 years! We have the largest selection of products, scuba courses, scuba rentals and repairs to fit all your diving needs!


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Ocean Enterprises Do You Need to Know How to Swim to Scuba Dive? www.oceanenterprises.com/

Scuba diving in San Diego :

Scuba diving in San D iego Scuba Diving in San Diego will give you a view of the region like no other–a truly immersive one! Snorkeling is always an option, but for the slightly more adventurous, scuba is the way to go (although it does require some classroom time to be certified). When you go scuba diving in San Diego, you’ll explore everything from shallow coves to deep shipwrecks. https://www.oceanenterprises.com/

Best Sites for Scuba Diving in San Diego :

Best Sites for Scuba Diving in San Diego Some of the most popular dive sites are around Ocean Enterprises and Point Loma. La Jolla Cove is an excellent location for shore diving–it’s protected as an underwater ecological park. Real adventure seekers should definitely consider Wreck Alley, an artificial reef created by intentionally sunken ships. https://www.oceanenterprises.com/

How to Swim to Scuba Dive:

How to Swim to Scuba Dive If you want to become a certified scuba diver by doing the PADI Open Water Diver Course then the answer is yes. In the PADI Open Water Diver Course it is specified that you have to be able to swim 200 meters with any stroke and also have to be able to tread water or float for at least 10 minutes. https://www.oceanenterprises.com/

Some Scuba Diving Programs Do Not Require a Swim Test :

Some Scuba Diving Programs Do Not Require a Swim Test Entry-level scuba diving programs, such as PADI's Discover Scuba Diving program, do not require participants to pass swim test. These sorts of programs offer divers the chance to try diving in a swimming pool or in shallow open water in small groups. They require minimal skill practice and the participants are dependent upon the instructor for help in the unlikely event of a problem. Very small groups, well-designed courses, and highly trained instructors minimize the risk involved in these programs, and they are generally an excellent and safe way to try diving and to discover if it is an activity that an individual would like to pursue.

Some Scuba Diving Programs Do Not Require a Swim Test :

Some Scuba Diving Programs Do Not Require a Swim Test I do not feel that scuba divers need to be expert swimmers, but a basic ability to handle oneself in the water without fear or stress is an absolute requirement in my opinion, Knowing how to swim and float are a huge step in acquiring that confidence. Prospective divers who do not have the ability to stay calm on the surface without a floatation device or who cannot swim (however sloppily) for a short distance should first learn these skills with a professional swimming coach. A diver who is not confident without his gear is one uncomfortable situation away from panic, and panic, as all scuba instructors know, endangers both the person panicking and those around him. https://www.oceanenterprises.com/


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