Human Resource Management System

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Human Resource Management System


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Human Resources Management (HRM):

Human Resources Management (HRM) Activities designed to provide for and coordinate the human resource of an organization. The design of formal system in an organization to ensure effective and efficient use of human talent to accomplish organizational goals.

Human Resources Management:

Human Resources Management




Recruitment The process by which a job vacancy is identified and potential employees are notified. The nature of the recruitment process is regulated and subject to employment law. Main forms of recruitment through advertising in newspapers, magazines, trade papers and internal vacancy lists.


Recruitment Job description – outline of the role of the job holder Person specification – outline of the skills and qualities required of the post holder Applicants may demonstrate their suitability through application form, letter or curriculum vitae (CV)




Selection The process of assessing candidates and appointing a post holder Applicants short listed – most suitable candidates selected Selection process – varies according to organisation:


Selection Interview – most common method Psychometric testing – assessing the personality of the applicants – will they fit in? Aptitude testing – assessing the skills of applicants In-tray exercise – activity based around what the applicant will be doing, e.g. writing a letter to a disgruntled customer Presentation – looking for different skills as well as the ideas of the candidate

Employment Legislation:

Employment Legislation

Employment Legislation:

Employment Legislation Increasingly important aspect of the HRM role Wide range of areas for attention Adds to the cost of the business Even in a small business, the legislation relating to employees is important – chemicals used in a hairdressing salon for example have to be carefully stored and handled to protect employees.


Discrimination Crucial aspects of employment legislation: Race Gender Disability




Discipline Firms cannot just ‘sack’ workers Wide range of procedures and steps in dealing with workplace conflict Informal meetings Formal meetings Verbal warnings Written warnings Grievance procedures Working with external agencies




Development Developing the employee can be regarded as investing in a valuable asset A source of motivation A source of helping the employee fulfil potential




Training Similar to development: Provides new skills for the employee Keeps the employee up to date with changes in the field Aims to improve efficiency Can be external or ‘in-house’

Rewards Systems:

Rewards Systems

Rewards Systems:

Rewards Systems The system of pay and benefits used by the firm to reward workers Money not the only method Fringe benefits Flexibility at work Holidays, etc.

Trade Unions:

Trade Unions

Trade Unions:

Trade Unions Importance of building relationships with employee representatives Role of Trade Unions has changed Importance of consultation and negotiation and working with trade unions Contributes to smooth change management and leadership




Productivity Measuring performance : How to value the workers contribution Difficulty in measuring some types of output – especially in the service industry Appraisal Meant to be non-judgmental Involves the worker and a nominated appraiser Agreeing strengths, weaknesses and ways forward to help both employee and organisation

Human Resource Management Goals:

Human Resource Management Goals Develop an Effective Workforce Training Development Appraisal Maintain an Effective Workforce Wage and salary Benefits Labor relations Terminations HRM planning Job analysis Forecasting Recruiting Selecting Attract an Effective Workforce Company Strategy HRM Environment Legislation Trends in society International events Changing technology

Three Ways HR Is Changing:

Three Ways HR Is Changing Development of global HR strategies IHRM Focus on building human capital The using of information technology 1 2 3

Human Capital - IHRM:

Human Capital - IHRM Human Capital = economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and capabilities of employees IHRM = addresses the complexity that results from recruiting, selecting, developing, and maintaining a diverse workforce on a global scale

Information Technology:

Information Technology Human resource information technology = an integrated computer system designed to provide data and information used in HR planning and decision making Traditional HR to e-HR significantly affected every area of human resource management Some organizations are close to a paperless HRM system – saves time, money, frees staff

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29 HRMS Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) or Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) or HR Technology shape an intersection between human resource management (HRM) and information technology . It merges HRM as a discipline and in particular its basic HR activities and processes with the information technology

HR Technology:

HR Technology Human Resource Management System (HRMS) An integrated system providing information used by HR management in decision making. Purposes (Benefits) of HRMS Administrative and operational efficiency in compiling HR data Availability of data for effective HR strategic planning Uses of HRMS Automation of payroll and benefit activities EEO/affirmative action tracking HR Workflow: increased access to HR information Employee self-service reduces HR costs.

Uses of HRMS :

Uses of HRMS HRMS Bulletin boards What information will be available and what is information needed? Data access To what uses will the information be put? Employee self-service Who will be allowed to access to what information? Web-based services and access Extended linkage When, where, and how often will the information be needed?

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Components of a Human Resource Management System

Company Point System:

Company Point System HRM Systems Demos

Monthly Calendar :

Monthly Calendar

Employee Leave Request:

Employee Leave Request

Holiday Editor :

Holiday Editor

Employee Information Tab :

Employee Information Tab

Email able Reports :

Email able Reports

Add/Edit/Delete Departments :

Add/Edit/Delete Departments

Employee Adjustments :

Employee Adjustments

Day Calendar :

Day Calendar

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