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Training Call Center : 

Training Call Center Technical Staff

LAN - WAN : 


Local Area Network : 

Local Area Network LAN benefits Avoid duplication of equipment and resources Allow user in the department quickly transfer files Increase productivity while saving money

Local-area Networks (LANs) : 

Local-area Networks (LANs) Some common LAN technologies are: Ethernet Token Ring FDDI

Wide-area Networks (WANs) : 

Wide-area Networks (WANs) Some common WAN technologies are: Modems Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) Frame Relay Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) T1 (1.544 Mbps), E1 (2.048 Mbps)

WAN: Wide Area Network : 

WAN: Wide Area Network

Networking Devices : 

Networking Devices Equipment that connects to a network segment is called a device These devices are broken into two classifications End user devices—Includes computers, printers, scanners Network devices—Includes devices that connect the end-user devices to allow them to communicate

End User Devices : 

End User Devices

Network Devices : 

Network Devices

Hosts : 


LAN Device: Repeater : 

LAN Device: Repeater Regenerates and repeats the signal. Layer 1 device.

LAN Device: Hub : 

LAN Device: Hub A multi-port repeater. Layer 1 device.

LAN Device: Bridge : 

LAN Device: Bridge Keeps traffic local by filtering traffic based on physical addresses. Layer 2 device.

LAN Device: Switch : 

LAN Device: Switch A multi-port bridge. Layer 2 device.

LAN Device: Router : 

LAN Device: Router Makes decisions based on network addresses (logical addresses). Layer 3 device.

Devices function at Layers : 

Devices function at Layers

Q&A : 


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