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Presentation Description Enjoy hot tub accessories to enhance your spa experience. Enjoy aromatherapy, soothing sounds, LED lighting ambience, a convenient cover lifter and an energy saving floating spa cover among others. There is even a floating rubber duck that doubles as an aromatherapy dispenser. Enjoy your hot tub spa!


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Popular Hot Tub Accessories GUIDE Hot Tub Accessories

Spa Accessories for Your Hot Tub:

Spa Accessories for Your Hot Tub Steps Cover Lifter Cartridge Filter LED Lighting Fragrances Hard Cover Toys and Games More

Hot Tub Steps:

Hot Tub Steps Spa steps are available in wood or plastic. Most newer spas are now shipped with plastic or PVC cabinets, so matching plastic steps are perfect to keep the hot tub exterior maintenance free. Plastic steps should have slip resistant treads. Note that steps with more than 2 levels require a handrail in some areas. Find hot tub steps at Spa Sauna Direct.

Cover Lifter:

Cover Lifter A cover lifter makes hot tub cover removal and replacement easy. Different types of cover lifters include a standard lift with a crossbar that requires clearance on two sides of the spa for the bar and one side for the folded cover to be stored. A gazebo mount cover lift can come with dual shocks and stores the cover standing upright where there is no clearance on the sides and back. A popular cover lift is the Cover Butler.

Cartridge Filter:

Cartridge Filter A cartridge filter with paper media is used in many spas. Alternatively, a DE or sand filter can also be used. Cartridge filters should be replaced annually depending on spa use. Find the filter model number on the end cap of the filter for easy replacement sourcing. Visit Spa Sauna Direct hot tub filters section to find the right filter for your QCA Spas hot tub or other brand spa.

LED Lighting:

LED Lighting LED lighting can add the right mood to your hot tub experience. A complete LED lighting package can be added to almost any QCA Spas hot tub when ordering the spa. Alternatively, an LED lightbulb can be retrofitted to almost any spa that uses a 12 watt standard hot tub light bulb. Simply replace the white bulb with the LED bulb and enjoy instant ambience. Check out the LED Starburst Light Bulb

Hot Tub Fragrances:

Hot Tub Fragrances Liquid Spa Scents Foam free, oil free liquid scents specially formulated for hot tub use can be added to virtually any spa. Aromatherapy Beads For factory installed aromatherapy systems. Simply insert the pouch into the aromatherapy canister in your spa.

Floating Spa Cover:

Floating Spa Cover Hard Cover A good hot tub cover keeps heat in and debris out. Minimum suggested cover thickness is 3” – 2” tapered A tapered cover is thicker in the middle so water and melting snow and ice can run off. In addition to a lockable hard cover, a floating spa cover can add another layer of insulation to your spa. This is a great way to lower operation costs by ordering a floating spa cover that can be cut to fit any spa shape. Then simply place the floating cover on top of the water before closing the hard cover. This creates another layer of insulation and keeps water warm with less energy. The dead air space that forms between the two covers provides excellent protection against heat loss See the floating spa covers for details on how you can save more energy and lower your utility bill.

Plenty of Hot Tub Fun:

Plenty of Hot Tub Fun Toys and Games for Spas A floating duck dispenser can actually dispense spa fragrance while adding style to your hot tub! Enjoy hot tub playing cards, games, portable waterproof radios and a yellow rubber duckie . Spa Thermometers can be added to double check the digital water temperature for maximum safety and easy operation.

Accessorize Your Spa!:

Accessorize Your Spa! More Hot Tub Accessories For a complete selection of spa accessories , visit In addition to the standard hot tub chemicals , try hot tub fragrance, LED lighting and have your towel waiting for you after your relaxing spa visit. Enjoy your hot tub and experience the relaxation that you deserve!

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