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The education that takes you places. International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

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About IBO The International Baccalaureate Organisation is a non-profit educational foundation registered in Switzerland that was established in 1968. The Diploma Programme was developed by a group of schools seeking to establish a common curriculum and a university entry credential for geographically mobile students. They believed that an education emphasising on critical thinking and exposure to various point of view would encourage intercultural understanding and accept- ance by young people. Grants from UNESCO the Twentieth Century Fund the Ford Foundation and other groups made it possible to further delvop the Diploma Program which is now offered by a wide variety of schools and accepted by universities around the world. The IBO offers three programs to schools : - The Primary Years Program - The Middle Years Program - The Diploma Program The Pioneer in International Education

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Why IB Diploma The IB Diploma Programme is a comprehensive and challenging pre-university course that covers a wide range of academic subjects and exposes students to world class curriculum. The Diploma Programme prepares students for university and encourages them to: - Ask challenging questions - Curiosity to learn - Develop a strong sense of their own identity and culture - Develop communication and develop interpersonal relationship skills IB Diploma Programme graduates are welcomed by the worlds leading universities. The IBO works closely with universities in all regions of the world to gain recognition for the IB Diploma.

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IBDP at Oakridge The vision of IB and Oakridge are in great harmony with each other. Both focus on student- centered learning and a globally accepted form of learning. With changing global scenario children need to stay prepared to cope up with these changes via competition be it anywhere in the world. For the record Oakridge International applied for IB authorisation in August 2005 and was granted the recognition in December 2005. Oakridge began teaching IBDP from July 2006. The first IB examinations were held in May 2008. Being IB World School Oakridge has always looked at the progress of the child and today the school has achieved scores above 40 and to the extent of going upto 45. Faculty – The IB teachers at Oakridge International are trained by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. Teacher’s training and upgradation has been the key priority for Oakridge as a result of which we have faculty from accross the nation with DP training. Most of the IB Diploma teachers at Oakridge International School are IB examiners in their respective subjects.

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Oakridgers make it to the world’s best universities: CBIT Ashoka University Chartered Accountancy in India University of Illinois D.Y. Patel College of Medicine Srirama Chandra College SRM University Newyork University University of Manchester Babson College University of British Colombia University of Toronto University of Michigan Indiana University Kelly school of Business University of Washington – Seattle Johns Hopkins University North Western University Cornell University and many more… Princeton University Brown University University of Pennsylvania Columbia University Cornell University UCL University College London King’s college London University of British Columbia University of California Berkeley Boston University Carnegie Mellon University Rurgers University of Texas Geogia Institute of Technology London school of economics Purdue University Purdue University Manipal University

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What DP Offers Subjects offered at Oakridge: Subjects offered in 2016-17 English A Literature English A Language Literature Hindi B French ab initio French B Spanish ab initio Spanish B Business Management Economics History Psychology Environmental Systems Societies ESS Physics Chemistry Biology Environmental Systems Societies ESS Mathematics Math Studies Visual Arts In order to achieve the IB Diploma a student is required to study six academic subjects concurrently over two years. At least three subjects are studied at higher levels courses representing 240 teaching hours and the remaining three subjects are studied at standard level courses representing 150 teaching hours. One subject must be chosen from each of the five groups: Studies in Language Literature Language Acquisition These courses are designed to encourage a variety of teaching approachesIndividuals and Societies Experimental Sciences and Mathematics.The sixth subject may be chosen either from the Arts or as a second subject from the five other groups. All three parts of the core – Extended Essay Theory of Knowledge and Creativity Action Service CAS – are compulsory and are central to the philosophy of the Diploma Programme. The Three Core Elements: 1. Theory of Knowledge TOK: It aim to helps students to discover and express their views on knowledge issues. 2. Creativity Activity Service CAS: Creativity action service encourages students to be involved in avtivities as individuals and as part of a team that place in local national and international context. 3. The Extended Essay EE: It offers and an opportunity for IB students to investigate on a topic of special interest usually one of the student’s six Diploma Program subjects an acquaints them with the independent research and writing skills expected at university. Our DP faculty also help students in choosing the right subject options and their levels at the time of admission into Oakridge.

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1. Admissions Criteria: a. Transcripts/Class X board exam results 40 i. In case these are not available pre-board results should be provided ii. Successful IBDP students should generally have earned 80 aggregate or ‘A1’ or ‘A2’ grade overall in Class X CBSE examinations and ‘A’ or ‘A’ grade in IGCSE b. Entrance Test 30 i. The first part 30 min of the test consists of 15 multiple choice questions on reading critical thinking and problem solving particular syllabus topics are not tested ii. The second part 30 min of the test consists of written tasks particular syllabus topics are not tested iii. Aptitude tests/interviews are conducted with prior appointment c. Admission Panel Interview 40 i. In the interview the student and parents should demonstrate detailed knowledge of IB Diploma Program requirements see ii. Additionally the student must demonstrate that he/she has given serious thought to college and career plans iii. Conducted by IBDP Coordinator and 1-2 IBDP teachers iv. A final interview will be conducted with the Principal by appointment 2. Counselling and Orientation: a. Admitted students must attend two counselling meetings for course selection with IBDP Coor- dinator and College Advisor b.Admitted students and their parents must attend an orientation meeting on 2nd July 2016 c. Classes begin from 4th July 2016 3. For admission process: Contact Admissions 1800-200-8171 4. For Choosing Subjects: DP faculty appointment through Admission Team 5. For College Placements and University Prepration: Dp faculty Career Counselling Team appointment through admissions team. Procedure for Admission into IBDP:

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Pro-active student Engagement Activities: OakMUN Model United Nations is a simulation of the largest international organisa- tion the United Nations which aims to educate students about current events topics in international relations diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. Students debate and tackle some of the most pressing global issues from the perspective of a delegate representing a Member at the United Nations. OakMUN is one of the largest student-led and student-based conferences to take place in OAKMUN Hyderabad with more than 700 participants from over 30 schools in Mumbai Delhi Hyderabad and Bangalore in the past two years. Community Services CAS involves arts and other forms of creative thinkingaction involving physical exertion complementing the academic work and contributing to a healthy lifestyle and service involving an unpaid and voluntary exchange that is an enriching learning practice for the students. To create successful leaders Oakridge ensures that every student participates in CAS. It provides CAS opportunities to increase awareness of their own strengths helps them grow and undertake new challenges plan and initiate activities and work with others. Art Exhibition by IBDP Students The renowned art gallery of Hyderabad Kalakriti showcased an array of art works created by six young students of Oakridge International School. For the last two years these talented girls Aditi Lakhtakia Anuradha Roy Apu- rupa Balasubramanyam Deeksha Sanjay Hema Harika Chandana and Veda Kasireddy passionately created canavases with vibrant colours and brushstrokes. It was a unique experience to witness these girls getting guidance from Visweswara Rao M.S. Vaasu and G Ramakrishna. Student Global Leadership Institute Punahou Oakridge International School Hyderabad in partnership with the prestig- ious Punahou School Hawaii USA invites you to participate in the First Edition of the Oakridge Student Global Leadership Institute SGLI 2016 and be inducted into an elite network of young global leaders with a mission to create a better future.The Oakridge SGLI is the first India chapter of SGLI hosted by the Oakridge International School Newton Campus Hyderabad. MITMUN For the fourth consecutive year Oakridge Newton campus students have been a part of the prestigious MIT MUN hosted annually at Boston. Eleven students are a part of the delegation from Oakridge this year. With a representation of our students in all the leading MUNs national and interna- tional we have established a good MUN base in the campus with some of the best debaters in all Grade levels.

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Leadership Camp CBSE at Oakridge includes a leadership program where students partici- pate in activities and deliberations for awareness and to develop ethics and values. As the name suggests the objective of the leadership camp is to develop children into successful leaders in the future by promoting intellec- tual social and emotional growth. During leadership camps students are asked to reflect on historic readings to stimulate critical thinking and morals. They are also given Career Performance Tests and National Employability Skills Tests where their results are discussed. TEDX TED conferences are events where leading thinkers come to spread their ideas. TEDx conferences are independently organized events where speak- ers of different ages speak to an audience. Four students from IBDP had the opportunity of organizing a TEDx event in Oakridge.The theme Transcending the Impasse was all about connecting the dots and finding relationships between seemingly different ideas. It was a great learning experience for students involved in organizing the event who had to work on obtaining a license first and then market the event to an audience decide on a theme speakers etc. Global Entrepreneurship Innovation Program by Columbia Business School Oakridge International School has always believed in providing students with opportunities to enhance their skills necessary for succeeding in a global Oxford Summer Camp Oakridge International School collaborated with Oxford Summer Courses to provide a unique opportunity to boys and girls from Class 9 to 12 to learn and develop key skills that are required for complete study. All the courses will focus on learning and demonstration of criti- cal reading writing analysis presentation skills including oral aural and written. We are pleased to bring this opportunity to Indian students who wish to experience the teaching and learning style of one of the world’s top Universities at their own convenience. economy. Towards this end Oakridge proudly to hosted ‘Colombia Business School Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program’ for high school students. Colombia Business School Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program is a pre- college one-week intensive college- level course exposing high school students to the theory and practice of entrepreneurship and innovation.

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Nikhil Jain IBDP Passout IBDP World Topper “I would recommend IBDP for anyone who is passionate about learning various subjects through different cultural historic and personal perspectives. The IBDP greatly improves analytical research critical thinking communicative and creative skills. I am assured of being extremely well prepared for the next phase of life and although it can be a very rigorous program I’m confident that anyone with an interest and commitment can gain significantly from the experience” Apoorva Polisetty Grade 12 student Having been in Oakridge for 12 years now I have grown with it. Oakridge has always given me the opportunity to step up and excel. Especially in my younger years it offered me a wide range of activities and allowed me to discover myself not just socially but academically as well. Academically I’ve always done well in school topping my class consistently since 6 grade. Grade 11 year was a perfect learning experience and I achieved perfect score. Navya Gudimetla Oakridge has a well-reputed IBDP program and I feel privileged to be a part of it. I choose IBDP in Oakridge because of its world-class facilities passionate teachers and diverse community. Oakridge IBDP program is well-structured and I would like to be a part of it. Ninad Kulkarni IBDP encourages thinking critically and independent and encourages to try different approches to learning and develop research skills which will help us for higher education. Armaan Pishori IBDP teaches you how to become independent and also helps to improve various skills in different fields. IBDP brings many opportunities to you when graduating to college. Testimonials:

slide 12: /OakridgeInternationalSchools | Newton Campus | Call: 1800-200-8171 For more information refer the below link: Further details can be furnished at the time of enrolment into IBDP.

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