How to Fell a Large Tree

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Follow some of the general tips consult with a tree surgeon if you have no experience how to cut down a tree. How to Fell a Large Tree


Tips For Cutting Trees 1) Assemble the Gear and Tools. 2) Assess the general condition of the tree. 3) Examine the Base of the Tree. 4) Check the Wind Direction. 5) Make an Escape Route. 6) Sound the Tree. 7) Clear Out a Workspace. 8) Determine the lay. 9) Make the first cut, the horizontal cut. 10) Make the wedge cut. 11) Make the back cut.


Assemble the Gear and Tools Make sure you have all the tools to cut the tree.


Assess The General Condition Of The Tree 1) Check dead branches, loose bark, cracks, or debris. 2) The height of the tree and best place for a drop zone.


Examine The Base Of The Tree 1) Look for signs of root instability. 2) Check the Wind Direction.


Make An Escape Route 1) Clear a path at least 30 feet from the stump. 2) Go behind another tree for protection.


Sound The Tree Knock tree with your axe if it sound hollow, it may be dead and if sound solid it is live and will be difficult to cut.


Clear Out A Workspace


Determine The Lay 1) It’s best to choose a drop zone that falls where the tree naturally wants to land. 2) Try to choose a spot that is level, or the tree could roll, bounce or otherwise move and cause damage or injuries.


Make The First Cut, The Horizontal Cut 1) Cut should not higher then your hip. 2) Keep in mind that the tree will fall perpendicularly to the horizontal cut.


Make The Wedge Cut 1) Orange slice will produce by this cut. 2) To ensure a straight wedge cut put a stick on the horizontal cut.


Make the back cut. 1) Try to make it as thick as possible. 2) Figure out where you want the back cut to terminate and mark it on the tree. 3) Place a wedge to prevent the tree from settling onto the chainsaw.


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