Close Reading Mini Lesson

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Close Reading Mini Lesson:

Close Reading Mini Lesson Dan Crane 7/5/15


Objective By the end of the lesson, students will be able to identify how an author uses text structures by annotating a given text and underlining evidence.


CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.RI.9-10.5 Analyze in detail how an author's ideas or claims are developed and refined by particular sentences, paragraphs, or larger portions of a text (e.g., a section or chapter).

Introduce the Strategy:

Introduce the Strategy There are 6 types of text structures that an author will use in a paragraph, passage, or chapter to express the main idea. 1) Sequence 2) Problem/Solution 3) Explanatory/Descriptive 4) Question/Answer 5) Cause/Effect 6) Compare/Contrast


Demonstrate Each text structure will be reviewed as a whole group

Guided Practice:

Guided Practice A passage from the text containing several paragraphs is selected The first paragraph is read together aloud Students are asked to find the main idea of the paragraph The teacher then selects which text structure the author is using to express the main idea The teacher and students underline the evidence that supports this text structure

Apply Skill:

Apply Skill Students are organized in groups of 4 Each group is assigned a different paragraph from the passage Each group will read the paragraph and decide together on a main idea and a text structure that the author uses Each group will underline the evidence that supports the chosen text structure


Assessment Each paragraph from the passage is read together as a whole class The group assigned to the paragraph states which text structure they have chosen Another group that disagrees with the text structure chosen will state the text structure that they believe is used The 2 groups will then debate using evidence to support their claims There is no wrong answer as long as they can defend their claims If no group disagrees then a group is selected to debate anyway

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