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Advantages and Disadvantages of Wood Flooring Solid wood flooring increases the life of the floor of your home. It lasts even more than hundred years and also it can be easily renewed as and when desired. Now days wooden flooring can be planks starting from old barns exotic woods pre-finished engineered wood strips that remove the dust and disruption of finishing on site. Also you have option to laminate the flooring that is not wood but just looks like wood that too at low cost. There is a trend for homeowners of buying the wood flooring with the help of factory applied finish. It eradicates the dust from sanding fumes from finishing and waiting before walking on floor. The other great benefit of having factory finishes is that they are much tougher than polyurethane which is applied in the field. One disadvantage of pre-finishing is that floor does not get sanded after being installed. As there are slight bumps and dips where the sub-floor is not level perfectly and flooring strips can differ little in thickness.

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Thus to hide such misalignment flooring is done with V grooves as when edges are not touching and it is quite difficult to notice any sort of imperfections in the alignment. Wood Flooring and Paneling thus plays great role in protecting the floor of house. Contact us: 914-239-3556 Email:

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