Helpful Hints for Baked NYC Bagels Storing Bagels

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Helpful Hints for Baked NYC Bagels: Storing Bagels There is no reason that Bagel Lovers everywhere shouldn’t have freshly baked NYC bagels every day. There is no reason why you shouldn’t have some bagels on hand for everyday use or when company drops in. I’m not referring to the bagels in the supermarket freezer case. I am writing about the real thing New York City Bagels. The best in the world. Authentic NYC bagels are boiled and then baked. The NYC water is the key. No one else has it. Keep bagels at room temperature. Do not refrigerate- Like many other bread products they don’t keep well when refrigerated. It’s a good idea to freeze the bagels that you are not planning to eat in a day or two. Slice – pack up to 6 in a freezer bag and freeze. Please visit our web site for more details. One of Americas favorites is the everything bagel. Everything Bagels are sprinkled with Poppy Seeds Sesame Seeds Onion Flakes Garlic Flakes and a bit of Kosher salt. Our bagels are preservative free Kosher and guaranteed. Our mission is to spread the word about Freshly Baked NYC bagels throughout the USA. We have fine-tuned our online site to be very user friendly. It’s easy to order - we have customer service 24 hours a day 7days a week and guarantee our products. If you can’t figure it out we will place the order for you which rarely happens. We have a complete selection of delicious bagels. You can choose anything from assorted bagels to cinnamon raisin blueberry or my kids favorite sesame seed poppy seed and plain. We also make Bialys a relatively unknown type of bagel. A bialy is baked and not boiled first. Instead of a hole in the center there is an indentation filled with roasted Garlic and Onions – DELICIOUS

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Contact: 1800nyc Bagels Phone: 203-464-1634 Email: Website:

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