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The field is a rainbow of colors. Metaphor

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The trees are like a canopy protecting the road. Simile

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The chuurch is like a magical castle in the sky. Simile

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The leaves are a blanket covering the ground. Metaphor

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The lake is as a smooth as glass. Simile

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The sun shone like a beacon in the night. Simile

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The lake is a mirror of beauty. Metaphor

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The island is like a star from the sky. Simile

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The tree is like an oasis in the dessert. Simile

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The clouds are balls of cotton. Metaphor


Personification Another kind of comparison is called personification. Here, animals, elements of nature, and abstract ideas are given human qualities. John Milton calls time “the subtle thief of youth” (599). Homer refers to “the rosy fingers of dawn” (599). Other examples of personification The stars smiled down on us. An angry wind slashed its way across the island.

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The three main uses of figurative language needed to read poetry are the previous : Simile Metaphor Personification But there are many other poetic devices used. The more you recognize, the richer your reading experience can be.

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