The dynamics of Change in International Relations

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What do you know about international relations?


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Abstract As days goes by the world keeps on changing in different ways. These changes can be witnessed in terms of Technology Politics Environment and human relations sports and culture education and human migration hence impacting on international relations. These relations can vary from a multinational point of view or universal. Thus the need to discuss dynamics of change in international relations. dynamics of change in international relations International Relations has become relevant as the world grows relating through trade and commerce migration also through social media hence concerns about pressing global issues.To get an insight we will discuss some of the issue affecting international relations and their changes. Technology With the constant advancement in technology the world now has been made more connected hence creating international interactions even easier. The internet for instance has presently presented to us what we call a global village. This means that people from different races and nationalities can interact online and make relationships out of it. Other forms of technological advancement means news and information can travel faster and wide. These include radiotelevision and newspaper. as defined by Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the practical aims of human life or as it is sometimes phrased to the change and manipulation of the human environment. This brings us to the next sub topic. Trade The world resources are distributed in such a way that is even. Different countries have been gifted differently in terms of natural resources as compared to others. This may include minerals from gold iron copper oil and many other resources. This are very essential for economies to help in enhancement of technology. It is for this reason countries establish trade relationships to export and import goods. The price of oil for instance when it changes the effects are felt on a global scale. Good trade ties are form

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of great relationship and and be used to foster peace. Trade and bilateral ties play major role in fostering international relations. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 3 Education. As the saying goes. "knowledge is power". Thus the need to discuss the role education plays in matters concerning international relations. Often students have been seen apply for admissions in universities and colleges across borders. This creates environment for interaction for people of all diversities. This interactions when well utilized fosters good relations among people of different nationalities. Ap art from admissions and exchange program it is through education that knowledge is impacted on people for example code of conduct and ethics. This in return is of great importance as it goes well in hand determining how people treat and coexist with others. Education equally plays a major role in dynamics of change and international relations. Sports art and culture. Sports art and culture brings together people of different backgrounds. Sports in particular giving example of the recently concluded 2018 world cup in Russia. Countries from all across the world gathered together for one month in the name of football. These saw teams from different nationalities battle it out on the pitch and their supporters share podiums and hotels. At the end of it all went peacefully as the event ended without much incidences. This points out sports play a role in international relations and changes in it also do. As of art giving example of film people get to learn about others through this platform. American films playing centre stage on this. Well moderated films are playing a major role in conveying information across the globe concerning current affairs on a large scale. Film also play a role in cultural exchange on a global type of platform. Hence sports art and culture play a significant role in dynamics of change and international relations.

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INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 4 International Relations ​ is becoming increasingly relevant as the world grows more and more interconnected through trade and commerce migration the internet and through social media and concerns about pressing ​ ​global ​ environmental problems. Human migration. Day in day out people are migrating to different destinations. Some legally others illegally. Before setting out there is a trigger for this type of human movement. Varrieng from war and instability famine and hunger poverty or even climate change and exploration. As a result of this new communities are created across borders. This leads to creation of different human relations based on races culture or even religion. Host countries have a major role to play in order to avoid conflicts as a result of this kind of migrations. Ideological differences are inevitable when people of different nationalities come together. Simple conflicts based on races or religion can be the course of great war. If great measures are taken by concerned countries peaceful co existence can be realised as witnessed in some countries. Human movement play a role in dynamics of change in international relations. Politics Politics play a major role in regards to international relations. Different countries as per now are aligned to different forms of government. This include from monarchs to Democratic nations. Each country tries its best to make a name among countries of the world. You find for democratic countries elections are held on regular basis. This is to ensure leaders are put in place to steer the countries forward. As a result sometime best leaders are chosen and at other point bad leaders can also be be chosen or rig themselves into power. As a national leader you have the mandate to oversee issues within and outside the borders of your country. Its will be for the best interest of the world if a good leader heads international relations. But In contrary a bad one can be source of dispute. Creating unnecessary tension with other countries. This kind of unease take many years to resolve hence leading some countries lag behind inform of development or even creating more relations. Thus politics also play a major role role in dynamics of change and international relations

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INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 5 Conclusion. The practice of international relations is valuable for many reasons: International relations promotes successful policies between nations and also encourages travel related to business and immigration or even tourism providing people with opportunities on a global scale. It allows nations to cooperate with one another help when need arises and share information as a way to face global issues that go beyond any particular country. International relations advances human culture which is essential for our existence.

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