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Increase your online presence through Search Engine Marketing such as search engine optimization, blogs and other social media services.


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SEO/Blogs/Social Media : 

SEO/Blogs/Social Media An Introduction To Inbound Marketing Presented by: Mirna Bard Principal/Internet Marketing Consultant

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21/03/09 2 Inbound Marketing is Essential Outbound Marketing Telemarketing Tradeshows Print Advertising Direct Mail Email Blasts TV/Radio Ads Inbound Marketing SEO/SEM Blogging Social Media RSS Free Tools/Trials Viral Videos VS. With Inbound Marketing prospects find you and are already interested in what you are selling.

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21/03/09 3 Blogs SEO Social Media SEO + Blogs + Social Media

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21/03/09 4 Blogs Benefits of Blogging Increased presence in major search engines like Yahoo! and Google A way for you to speak directly, openly and honestly with your customer Another channel to promote your brand and company Build personal, long-lasting relationships with your customers that foster trust Sets you apart from competition Excellent PR tool--the media calls YOU, not your competition Articulate your viewpoints, knowledge & expertise pertaining to your industry Inexpensive to set up, operate and maintain

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21/03/09 5 Before you have a product or service Before you have a web site Before you have anything!!! All you need is to know who your target market is & to create a few ideas! When To Start Blogging

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21/03/09 6 List of ideas, trends, or thoughts List of useful links or tools Answer questions received Ask your followers questions Comment on other blogs/web sites Turn release or article into blog post Share an experience Blogging Ideas

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21/03/09 7 What is SEO? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of improving the volume and quality of visitors to a web site from search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) through “Natural” or “Organic” search results. There is no magic solution to SEO It takes “real” work, time, and patience Should be maintained for lifetime of the site Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 8 Why is SEO Important? The Golden Triangle Study Most eye activity on a search page was the top left, forming a Golden Triangle (Enquiro Study)? SEO pulls more traffic than PPC 75% Clicks from “Natural” or “Organic” 25% Clicks from “Paid” or Sponsored ads Studies show: 54% of buyers rely primarily on search engines when trying to find a product to purchase online (Jupiter Consumer Study)? Sites on first page of “Organic” listings are perceived to be an authority—assists w/creating online branding SEO gives better ROI than any other marketing No bidding wars or click fraud with SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 9 Benefits of SEO Boost targeted visitors which equals higher conversions Achieve higher web site rankings on search engines for your targeted keywords Search engines crawl your site more often Increase the number of pages on your site that are indexed by search engines Reach millions of people globally who could potentially become customers Multiply incoming links to your site More visibility and accessibility of your business Make your site authoritative Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 10 Your customers see your Advertisement or Listing when they Search Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Natural or Organic listings ( From SEO Work )? Google places your Ad (Paid or PPC Results)? Credit card processing

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21/03/09 11 Keyword or Key Phrase Selection Always the first step - Keyword selection can make or break SEO Campaign Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Keyword Selection Search Volume = High Relevance = High Competition = Low

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21/03/09 12 Analyze Your Competition You want to know the probability of getting on the first page of Google SEO strength of Top 10 web sites on Google for selected keywords PageRank of Top 10 web sites Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 13 25% of SEO = On page Visible SEO Page Title URL H1, H2, H3 Tags Page Text & Bold Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 14 25% of SEO = On page Invisible SEO Keywords Meta Keywords = professional search engine marketing company, seo services, Internet marketing Description Image Alt Text Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 15 75% of SEO = Off page Link Building Links are “recommendations” or “votes” for your site (they power most of SEO)? A link: Anchor Text: Internet Marketing (Use of Keyword)? Link should be from trusted websites Blogs/Forums/Wikis (magnet for links)? International/Local Directories Sites that are relevant or compliment your site (Partners)? Social Bookmarking Social Media (press releases, articles, videos, etc.)? Create a useful tool Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

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21/03/09 16 Directories Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? Yellow Pages Submission Local Directory submission

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21/03/09 17 Link Popularity Building Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? One Way Links : A site links to B site but there is no link from B to A Two Way Links : A site links to B site and B site links back to A site Link Popularity Building Link Popularity Building Link Popularity Building Three Way Links : A site links to B site and B site is asked to link back to C site (main site being promoted)? Link Popularity Building Link Popularity Building Link Popularity Building

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21/03/09 18 Social Media & Social Networking What is Social Networking? Similar to a business networking event or social cocktail party but without constraints of space and time. It is about: Building relationships Starting conversation & creating word-of-mouth or “Buzz” Answering questions/helping others Asking questions/trusting recommendations or advice from others

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21/03/09 19 Social Media & Social Networking What is Social Media? Use of Internet technology to connect with people socially and generate publicity through online communities. Social Media is the most effective way to publish & promote content: News Releases PowerPoint Presentations Viral Videos Blogging Social Bookmarking Articles RSS Feeds Podcasts eBooks

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21/03/09 20 Benefits of Social Media Marketing Excellent for reputation management Build recognizable identity or branding of your products or services Create “Buzz” or online conversations about products or services Another way to form relationships with customers, prospects, employees, business, partners, or colleagues Reach millions of people globally who could potentially become customers Multiply incoming links to your site Achieve higher search engine rankings More visibility and accessibility of your business Social Media & Social Networking

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21/03/09 21 Social Media & Social Networking Promoting Your Content

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21/03/09 22 Use analytics software to learn what works Track number of daily/weekly/monthly visitors. What sources are visitors coming in from? How many visitors are converting to leads or customers? Which keywords or phrases are converting? Measuring Results

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21/03/09 23 Internet marketing is not rocket science. However, it is a extremely time consuming, wearisome, sometimes puzzling activity, yet an inescapable task that needs to be continued for the lifetime of the website. Keep it in-house if: Small non-competitive niche industry Very large company with a TEAM of experienced SEO/Social Media professionals Complex or proprietary business objectives which are confidential in nature In all other cases, outsource. Outsourcing Internet Marketing

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21/03/09 24 NuReach Global is the best source of dependable and ethical Search Engine Marketing and social media services in So-Cal. Our Internet Marketing experts specialize in search engine optimization, Pay per Click Advertising management, and Social Media Marketing as well as web site consulting and training. The NuReach Global Advantage Ethical ‘White-hat’ search engine optimization techniques Highly reliable, personalized service No SEO secrets We educate our clients on the entire Internet marketing process Unparalleled industry knowledge and experience We focus on getting you targeted traffic Affordable SEO, Social Media, and PPC services Who is NuReach Global?

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21/03/09 25 Connect With Us @nureachglobal

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21/03/09 26 Contact Us Website: Email: Phone: 714-557-1775

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