How To Differentiate Between Kidney Pain And Back Pain

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Back pain and kidney pain can be quite similar however there are certain surefire ways to differentiate between the two. Let's take a closer look.


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How to Differentiate Between Kidney Pain and Back Pain Sometimes it can become difficult for all of us to identify between kidney pain and back pain. Our kidneys are placed beneath the rib-cage towards the back and hence kidney pain may sometimes be easily mistaken for back pain. In this article we will talk about the symptoms and types of pain so as to make it easier to identify in the initial stages whether you have back pain or kidney pain which must always be followed up by professional medical guidance. Kidney Pain Usually it’s kidney stones or a kidney infection that causes kidney pain. So look out for these features if you suspect kidney pain:

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Location of the pain: Kidney pain would usually occur in the flank area which is the part on either side of your spine between the hips and the rib- cage’s bottom. Pain analysis: If it is a sharp pain it may be kidney stones while a dull pain would reflect a kidney infection. Although it won’t increase with moving around it would definitely require treatment at the earliest to prevent further damage. Pain radiation: The pain may sometimes move towards the lower abdomen or the inner thighs and this phenomenon is known as radiation of the pain. Kidney Treatment: Irrespective of the source or cause of pain kidney pain will need expert-guided treatment. The doctor may depending on the issue prescribe certain procedures such as Kidney stones treatment and kidney infection diagnosis etc. Associated symptoms: • Chills Fever • Vomiting • Dark urine or cloudy in texture • Frequent urination • Urinary pain • Bladder infection • Urinary blood

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Back Pain In terms of findings back pain is more common than kidney pain. Back pains are a result of minor muscle pulls bone and nerve injuries pertaining to the back. If you are confused whether the pain youre experiencing is back pain or kidney pain look out for the features to know it’s the back. Location of pain: Back pain although can occur in a wide surface area is usually felt in the lower back or on one of the buttocks. Pain Analysis: A dull ache would mean a minor muscle pull however if it’s a sharp burning sensation it may be revealing a damaged nerve. While muscle pains are known to affect both sides nerve damage would cause pain in one side along with muscle spasms and weakness. For the best Urologist Doctors In Bangalore you can visit NU Hospitals Bangalore.

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