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CBD is very usefull nutrition suppliment for everybody. It is now available for pets. It is now consumable for dogs and cats. The pet owner are happy to see their pets very social and active due to CBD for pets.


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CBD for pets by nugbrand dispensaries:

CBD for pets by nugbrand dispensaries


It has been shown to successfully manage seizures and treat pain by medical marijuana. Using these benefits people are already consuming CBD in many forms such as CBD oil, CBD Cream, CBD Capsules and many more. But now pet owners are applying this benefit for their pets as CBD for pets. It is consumable for dogs and cats as well. CBD for pets is legally available in all 50 states and above 40 countries worldwide.


CBD Pet Tincture 50 mg CBD contains 1.65mg per drop. Dosage: It can be applied on food or dropped directly in mouth. Suggested to given 1-2 drops a day. Ingredients: Hemp Oil extracted from Co2, Pure extracts of Coconut Oil.


Green Garden Gold Hemp Oil Dog Treats 140mg CBD contains 1.65mg per drop. Dosage: It can be use as a daily supplement. Ingredients: Great testing and high quality dog biscuits with all natural hump oil, GMP certified CBD Oil. It’s a non-GMP and non-psychoactive product.


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